December 31, 2008

know nothing, no?

uh, it feels like a regular normal day. it is. long day. who knew major grocer chains were ever more restricting about their damn coupons? well, lemme give a nice sum of my time spent in 2008. really, truly, it wasn't that great (as i predicted).

it started out rather awful and bland and devious, leaving me rather upset through the early months of the year. i'm still rather distraught and lonely. probably the most lonely year i've suffered through thus far (there will be others, but i haven't met 'em yet so..what more can i say?).
the upside of the year were the intriguing and beguiling musical ventures i experienced. that was good shit. for the most part. (oh tlsp. that were a good cute time.)
uh..also some of the school stuff, surprisingly, was decent. met some people. made short films, watched long films (kubrick-ified and coppola'd or foreign), and almost got tired of sex. almost. learned how to accept the eventual destruction of the surface of the earth and death. enjoyed early morning bob dylan, 69, and russian stories. did some crack 'o caine in the maths. mmms. better than what i woulda thought. arduous, yet entertaining.
cartoons/animated things were wonderfulness albeit a sad waste of time
i'm still a bum.

yeah. i aspire to complete close to nothing tomooorrow.
happy new nen. in, like trois heures pour moi.
oui, je parle français quelquefois.
そして日本語 を 話す も。

December 26, 2008


well, it was cold. and, besides my contracted illness, sneezing & sniffling from an overload of foreign pet fur/dander. it was fun. ate some good ol' filipino ka'in as well as other foods. it was difficult to resist the eggrolls. watched and later played left 4 dead. intense, but not as frightening as i would've thought (tiring of zombies? ..i still enjoy the fresh flesh consumption and psychology behind them). gift-giving, some based on secret santa, and more video games (mirror's edge. i thought it was good graphically before..and it's amazing although difficult). that was all christmas eve into the day 'cuz we stayed at that party 'til almost three.

we returned the next day for more food and i watched more game-play--i could no longer follow the story. drove around to places we once frequented. for dinner we went to see some family friends i hadn't seen/had contact with since ten years ago. that was rather frightening. most of what i saw consisted of drastic changes and "maturity". it was plain weird. ...anyway! here are some winter related pictures to delight y'all with.

ok. i totally know this doesn't look wintry or xmas related's kinda funny. and it was taken during this time.

it's nice to be home now.
why does everyone have a wii?

December 22, 2008

ohohohoh. mehlee holidayz/

it's cold here in illinois. it's the damn windchill deal that's doing me in. that and the illness i've contracted. i am sick. really and it's awful during this time of almost jolliness. here are some nonsense things i've been doing to kill the time:

i call it "short-lived happy holidayed hat: a trio". mmmm. laaaammmeee. oh course it's difficult to have a decent time in here without some kinda vehicle to jet around in. as well as the fact that it's cold enough to freeze yer tits off outside doesn't help either. this stuffy "hotel" room is getting rather cramped and boring and too cold or too hot and blubber inducing (i am no longer native! i don't need it!) and i'm getting tired of k-mart.
on the flipside here there appear to be some decent looking guys here. not as nicely dressed, but, y'know, okay.

December 17, 2008

the stagnant progression! i owe gifts!!

Finals are over!! oh jesus, i never thought fall semester would ever end gah. it was a decent bit--met some interesting people (ahh hahaha..indeed, geology provided intriguing distractions within my vicinity). I'm glad. i be sooo totally ready to relax and ruminate (as well as fix) my predicament of being a bum. not literally, i mean like a person bum..not the slang or what have you referring to the body part on the person. i'm not totally excited about the "holidays". blegh. i wish i could say more.

December 3, 2008

Inverse Function and Eckman Spiral Dance off!!

SOOOO. I hain't been 'round here for a while. I apologize--i got busy and got entangled in deadlines that ended up being meaningless to me.
My thanksgiving..was decent. It got nicer when i was surprised by the arrival of and meeting with mes amies. that was funz. then...back bogged down with all the crap i forgot to do..eeeyesh.
It's December, no? Exciting! the fall semester of school is almost over....god, i can hardly believe it. If you recall, two years ago i went somewhere for the holidays and i intend to do so this year, to the same place. Refresh your memories by checking out the '06 archives. There will undoubtedly be wonderful pictures to gander at, i suppose. whatever else, then.
oh, yes. have i mentioned my other upcoming tttrrripp in march? i haven't? oh, i'm ever so sorry to have forgotten.. allow me to announce: i'll be in oxford, england for, um..about three months. all the people aware of my upcoming jaunt have been gushing over english boys.

....that truly is a variable to consider.

November 9, 2008

une magnifique semaine...ええ! yes! oh, yeah!

This week was--i'm being brutally honest here--amazing. I can give thee three reasons why..

The Last Shadow Puppets

i just can't get enough of that sweet, sweet, sweet alex turner. if you watch through this jarring version of "the meeting place" you can see miles and alex come together (hahahaha...foreign on stage jizzing!! the newest craze~!) towards the end, alternately glancing in the direction of my camera. at the absolute end alex waves and appears to be looking straight into my cam. oooh. i couldn't believe it. sorry for the odd, horizontal angles. it was difficult to shoot with all those people moving about and pushing me everywhere.

Barack Obama

this was first time i voted...i finally registered (after having two years to do so), but almost didn't get the opportunity to vote. i was all stressed i wouldn't get to take part in it..lucky for last minute mail. you can read the previous post for more on the next president of the u.s. mm. quelle historique, non?

The Dodos

waited for quite the while.It was a nice time. Very odd things were seen and said (the breaking and general oddness of instruments). i wish that they had played park song..but the songs they did grace us with were spectacular. i thought i might have more to say... it was just very, very good. a nice way to end the week, i think.

in all honesty, isn't it just the strangest combination? i mean with the while political thing in the middle?
i wish more of my weeks turned out like this.

November 4, 2008

My kinda guy

I suppose i promised a recap post of tlsp, but i have more pertinent subjects to discuss at the moment. i voted today. my first time--and i almost didn't get to because my registration almost didn't get processed in time...luckily i got a letter saying i was a-ok to go to the polls and get meself heard. SO, Barack Obama is the next president of the united states. yeah. i voted for him.

just watched his speech. it was graciously modest yet poignant. there was one point in there where i thought he was gonna quote the sam cooke song, a change is gonna come. at any rate, it definitely is on its way.

i feel a little bit better about identifying and actually calling myself an american.

November 3, 2008

The time Has come Again

The day's finally here. Oh fucking shit. i have relatively low expectations so i can hopefully be wowed outta my socks. oohh, i can't believe it. Overall, i'm still excited. I will regale you with my night out later if i haven't died from the fineness emanated from the person/people i see. it's probably a good bit radioactive.

October 31, 2008


Another Halloween. I intended to dress up, somewhat like last year, but I couldn't find exactly what i needed. Why is it that places don't sell red and white stripped t-shirts? and gilligan style white hats? i didn't really look all over for that, but, still maaaan. i ain't gonna be decked out as flapjack and hanging out with cap'n k'nuckles and bubbie.

that coulda been me

no candied island adventuring for me..i also had other plans that i discovered to be thwarted rather early this morning. disappointment consumed me, but cheaper, better plans are in store for tomorrow night.
oooh, alex turner is coming up. i'm not sure what to think exactly. indeed, it is something i am definitely looking forward to....yet..hhhhhmmmm.

October 23, 2008

Worrying about him staring at my chest And "reading" what's on my shirt

there ain't nothing there anyway. i forgot the rest of it.

October 11, 2008


another shit birthday. i know my capacity for caring has diminished significantly, but i've been experiencing this sort of thing for that last...couple of years (going back to the early 2000s, people). this isn't all spite. it's a little but of a catharsis.

how i adore that word.
supposing i could have anything for today...i would say it'd be either a person or a location (like, me in a different one). don't think i could get those, though.

October 5, 2008

n. the prime example of a cute badass motherfucker ... & detour

My saturday was banging. SO SO FUCKING for REAL. i went to the detour thing in l.a. It was rather decent. The most annoying thing had to be the kids/relatively younger crowd screaming odd praises to musicians (ie: at the cut copy set--"Oh my jizzle--Dan Whitford is so hot! His hair is so hot! I wanna stick my dick in his golden locks! I totally want him to fuck me! With, like anything! Even crisco and a shotglass!"). speaking of cut copy, i wasn't impressed with their set: they started late and dan was really singing off-key for the first couple of songs...however it got acceptable and literally hopping. for some reason don't that sound a little of there? the presets what followed them were much, much better from the get-go.
here are some pictures...i guess..hahahahaha..uh.

that's noah and the whale, afternoons (oh my gosh! three timez already), and cut copy respectively.
i saw a helluva lotta other acts..datarock was the funniest..surkin and the bloody beetroots (the things that happened to me--i should probably tell someone...), i believe, had to be my absolute faves.
while i would love to divulge in every little detail, i'mma leave a bit of surkin for you all to stare at. he was mad cute and i couldn't believe the french kid was there..heheheh, he did look like some prepubescent boy or very young adolescent. it was kinda odd and i felt a little pedophilic despite the fact he's older than me.

kinda of blurry...but you can just imagine the kinda ecstasy emanating from his face. damn straight.

September 24, 2008

Things made in the dark: zombies deux and chaud chip

So i went to see hot chip on sunday. i know. probably shoulda wrote about this earlier, but...i was busy. seriously. school is ultimate work for the weekdays. so, let me weave a wondrous story of intrigue and dancing.

this whole thing was opened by io echo. i had heard of their band before, they played the free hammer series concerts (it's on a poster i gots), but i never heard them. now..if i had to say what they sounded's, like, if an "indie" version of horror, perhaps even death, punk (i thought of the misfits) fucked it's close relative of dance punk (ie: duchess says) and they produced a kid. That's what it is. The lead singer was some girl who really, really, really looked like a zombie. She acted like one on stage, doing all kinds of macabre stuff.

the band seemed a little out of place and the girl was all crazy--at one point she danced in a bunnyish sort of way, kicking one leg up and holding her hands up like paws. well, that's how i interpreted it. they did do a nice cover of "i want you (she's so heavy)", i thought.

On to the main event here:

This is hot chip. I want to be brief here; it was good dancing times. there were balloons bouncing about and people jumping all over the place. fairly good. yes. i don't think i can elaborate on those general concepts there. here are related images.

kinda bad. gomen. well, that was my sunday. it was hell getting up at 7 A.M. monday.

September 20, 2008

wonder people, i do ruminate

One thing that’s been really bothering me since July, recently resurrected this month, has been the disappearances of my pencil bags. I’m upset and frustrated over my loss. It sounds insignificant and irrelevant in terms of treasured items, but, by gum, I bought the two in Japan. I’m more concerned about the first pencil case because it was much cuter and attention-grabbing since it was made in the shape of a BANANA that could PEEL. I believe it was also more expensive than the latter lost. I don’t think the first was stolen, per se, but it was gone upon my return home from the last day of summer school. I have an inkling that the second pencil bag could’ve been stolen. Or…I left it somewhere and it was eventually stolen. Something along those lines. With each passing day the curiosity and dread regarding these things grows exponentially; it really fucking makes me wonder. I also get reminded of the green sweater and other inanimate objects I’ve “lost”.

Been feeling ill the last two days. Consumption is an awful thing for me at the moment. Things regarding school have also made me upset. Hot chip on Sunday? Could I possibly be excited? ….or would I prefer to experience an orgy in hell for the third week? Actually, I really have no choice on the hot chip thing because then it would be a waste of money.

Oh, yes.
Hurrah. It’s the hundredth/100th post.

September 7, 2008 never ends.

HEY! It's time for the second annual September post. I will indeed be talking about school, again, because it's started and I have something to say about the teachers and, you know, such. The first class i went to last week was geology. I generally like the teacher, he's still young and funny and able to reference pertinent subjects (pokémon cards and cell phones--he's getting there). He's from Texas and within that first class period i deduced that he was like hank hill.

Really! He's even got the glasses although the frames aren't that think. It's quite an enjoyable class, especially since we went over giant spaghetti monsterism last time.
I've got a linguistic teacher who lookes like Ellen DeGeneres who speaks french, japanese and english (what a commonality there). She's nice. And.. i don't know if the others are mentionable yet. It's just, like...they're ok. None of them remind me of cartoon characters or famous people.

August 28, 2008

ideas of fun

I haven't been up to much. It's very reminiscent of my years as a middle school kid. Hmm. Well, to pass the time I've been playing a few games on the ol' japanese shockwave site that i used to frequent on the regular. I've come to like this "love zombie" kinda thing. There's a regular school version and one for the beach that can be played online here & here respectively. It's important to remember that you have to click repeatedly on your target when you become engaged in a look-of-love stare off. I suppose that's all for the moment.

August 2, 2008

my COOL pals are still gone

oh fucking shits, my fucking little fuckers. this blog has been going on for two years today. what? really? what they hell made me so committed to this for so long? i don't know. i don't offer you kids free music or anything of the sort so--i definitely don't keep this going to rack up as many visitors from all ends of the earth (and/or beyond). uh. in accordance with the premiere post from two years past i just might mention the things i miss.
so, yeah, all my cool friends all across the country in their (fancy,) respected universities. i miss the good times with the fams. if i'da known just a wee bit earlier about job arrangements i could be living it up in chi-town right now. CURSES!! i wish we'd've watched more movies in my humanities class. these days i crave me some badass horror films. i watched the first halloween on the ifc before our satellite went out and, yeah, i could make out all the no-nos that would get you killed in that kind of scenario. wasn't scary enough for today's standards, though. i've been kinda missin' the humanities class in general, sans the annoying people laughing at irreverent things.
digressing from everything else, the wombats in l.a. again? as much as i would like to go, i just don't's the same night i start school in fall and i'm pretty sure i got a class real early in the morning the day after. too many things coming up in september. just too much.

July 31, 2008

Itsy Bitsy & Boris & Hugo: singing about spiders

it's the last day if july. no purpose of the post other'n that. hopefully friendly fire tomorrow. more free stuff, perhaps, and exciting events coming up (especially in the, october and november the most). About the title: absurd sisyphus myth, the who, and the tellers respectively.

July 26, 2008

How to recover from zombie-ism? Feel alive.

I finished summer school on Thursday. I cannot fucking believe that i churned out two essays wednesday night to turn into my english class the next morning. one was a research paper, eight pages d-spaced, and the other was the actual final which was three pages. agony. it was too killer. i got three hours of sleep. had a humanities final too, but that was mostly cool beans because i could do it at home on the computer.
even though i was all m.i.a. for the last two days, i still partied it up, to a degree. thursday night was the free afternoons/tokyo police club show at the hammer museum. FREE!!! and i was so upset that i missed tpc at the troub in march...well, i got there early and they were doing sound checks. remember the time i discussed the unprecedented cuteness of foals? well, this was like that. those kids were cute. i didn't think to snap any photos of them during that time (there was this one girl who approached them post sound checking to get a picture with them..uhhh). Anyways.. the thing started at almost 9 with afternoons.

There style was kinda folksy and, umm, alternative. I mean, the clothes that they wore, they had changed since i saw them earlier, reminded me of the 1800s, like, the old west kinda where people got together in saloons to drink and get into brawls. They looked like the type of music entertainment that would found in that kinda joint. it was all right. their style of music was also reminiscent of earlimart. i think it was a little odd when the lady did some of the operatic vocals; the songs tended to sound the same.

so, they ended their set, taking down their equipment and instruments, and tpc began setting up. how exciting. they eventually got to playing; check it out:

OH MY GOD, AREn't the colors fucking crazy awesome? i was rather happy that this 16 continuous pictures function on my camera turned out well. doesn't it look nice? it got mad when they started their songs, people started moshing of sorts (as you can probably see from my picture i wasn't standing in the middle where all the melee was breaking out--i was way right) and crowd surfing to which mr. lead singer guy-i swear he was making eyes at me..and i didn't much care/mind- asked them to take it down a notch ("we're assholes"). the results of all the people behind me occasionally pushing are some bruises on my right leg, seriously, i was getting slammed into this raised concrete thing where there was a tree. the songs that i clearly remember were in a cave, graves, juno, box, sixties remake, and your english is good. clapping and onstage frenzied dancing and encores were had. mmm, good free times.

and some guy took a picture of me waiting for tpc, looking all eremitic and supine.

July 18, 2008

Feel less like a Loser

not the least bit exciting. i fell as if i mention that every time i add a little bit on here. really, though, things haven't been worth a mention, but i feel i've been away for long time. haven't been up to much--thinking about the future, looking out windows, staring at corners, and creating a new arsenal of fun, illustrated characters(the latest happens to be some variation of a disgruntled rabbit calling for revenge; please observe the original).

just felt like i should revive this. no real point here. my main concerns at the moment involve questioning if europeans are all that great and regretting my gradual evolution into a hipster. how awful.

July 3, 2008

Exploit imagination, lure it with Candy

Summer school is halfway through. Good god, i never thought i would of made it this far. I don't understand how i tolerate getting up at 6 something for a 7:30 class and staying at school until around three o'clock four days a week. That is truly fucked up. i regret to say i'm finding a lot of my fellow class chums aren't all that chummy. maybe i'm having that influx of hormones, screwing up with my perception and shit, making me get annoyed faster than a sno-cone melting on the sun.
I now present more pertinent information: The Last Shadow Puppets in November. How can I miss that shit?

Still overly apathetic. In need of cash sooooon.

June 19, 2008

"Today was the best worst day of my life!"

Disneyland again and a Nevada weekend. Shit don't fly like that everyday.

June 16, 2008

Curse of the Andrews:
The hand of fate fucks me over

So today was the first day of summer school. My first class was 7:30 AM and lasted about 21/2 hours. Then some other classes later (one lasting 1 hour, the other about 2). It was just a long day with ridiculous gaps of time between all them. I guess out of all the guys from the classes that i had, i just happened to find one that looked ok (and not nerdy asian/wannabe gangsta asian). Alas, it was another andrew. So whaat the fuuuck is up with guys with that name?
You'd think I'd have more fascinating topics to discuss regarding my doings thus far, but it was really very much like regular life or whatever. saw lotsa people from high school or people i'd had classes with already. whole bunch of those, y'know, i don't know the phrase, but, you know...THOSE type of asian girls--the far too much americanized ones, i guess.

I changed the colours! Isn't it much more interesting to look at this shitty blog now? Try not to stare too long at the neonesqueness. You just might get a seizure.

June 13, 2008

Still trying to be Badass?

Yet another Friday falling on the thirteenth day of the month. Is is just me or does it seem like there's a helluva lot of these sorta scary/unlucky related days coming about? I suppose the only positive things coming out of today would be Beck playing somewhere here and something about crystal castles take two at the roxy tonite, though i won't be going to either. sorry for not being so ridiculously hip. i'm also very much poor and gasoline for automobiles cost major cash/transportation for me in general.
Not. Scary. At. All. Also, I am very into Late of the Pier. How odd. Is it a phase? Like the whole hot chip thing and calvin harris' "vegas" song? Too much digging of random firl and broken.

June 7, 2008

me and The Wombats

I know I've mentioned The Wombats for a while on my blog (perhaps most notably last year...during august). I don't exactly remember the first time i heard them (2006, maybe?), but i know for sure the first thing i listened to was "lost in the post". it was their band name that attracted me and i became undoubtedly hooked to the catchy lyrics and tunes ("party in the forest" won me over just because of a certain name heard throughout). All right. I missed my chance to see them last august. I tried to see them play in march (horribly thwarted), but managed to see them walking around outside. I didn't have the chance to go all the way to austin, texas to see them (and other awesome bands) at SXSW. So last night was redemption for all the shit i had to put up missing the wombats in the u.s. playing in places near me.

Ok. So i get outta the car. I stand like a ridiculous fool near the box office for the purchasing of a ticket. Crowd of people mysteriously around there and i'm thinking, "shit, are they all up to get some tix?" and i turn to the look to the right a bit. The first thing i notice is some guy who looks familiar and this other guy near him also looking mighty familiar..lo and behold! TORD AND DAN in real life TAKE 2! I seriously couldn't believe it. So i stood like an idiot watching people taking part in conversations with the two wombats. I'd like to believe they looked my way some and i got over it to go stand in line to buy tickets. Brief conversation with some girl regarding the t-shirt i was wearing at the time, doraemon if you care to know,and, lemme fast forward here [--ohh, waiting in line to get in--now waiting for the first act to get on...juvenile kids attempting hipness of sorts--] to the first band. In all honesty, I have no idea what they called themselves (i'm also too lazy to look it up, i guess) and i didn't think they were very good. The only vibes I got from them were metally Led Zeppelin wannabes who looked like a little bit like nirvana (well, like, three band guys were grungy). Sadly, i admit that i felt like bursting out in laughter during their set--i just didn't understand why they were there, i suppose. Band #2: Pop Noir. This was fairly better; it was more dancey and they were slightly better looking (the lead singer=bad ass version of ben from the tellers). In regards to the danciness: Some guy i had seen outside, who had quite the acceptable asian friend with him and was generally rather acceptable himself, shimmied his way close to stage, by me, and continued his shimmying--up against me no less! Also during the set, Mr. Bad-Ass Ben Look-a-Like danced across the stage (comparable to the way the teenagers guy did) and eventually went into the crowd to dance among--he rubbed up against me too! What the hells? Is it 'cuz of my ridiculously smooth arms? Is it? IS IT?? I must admit they are naturally ridiculously smooth, though...Anyway, another interesting aspect of Pop Noir was this weird pipey/woodwinded powered keyboard. That was pretty interesting. Indeed.

Shit, this is turning into some long rabble of irrelevant recounts that apparently have no relevance to what the main focus of this post is which is the wombats. So, here we go, were're getting to the good stuff, we're reaching the peak of orgasm, the high before o'd-ing, the onset of the cheeky, saucy, coquettish, crazy lads finally arrived when the curtains rose and all the young kids (probably girls specifically) squealed in anticipated delight. With my amazing psychic skills, I totally predicted this which really freaked me out, they opened with the "Tales of Boys, Girls, and Marsupials" a cappella.

CHECK IT OUT! MURPH! AHHH!! I much enjoyed the eccentric anecdotes shared between songs (ass-less axel rose pants on Tord). They played all the songs off the album, one i wasn't so aware of, and invited the crowd to grab each other's bottoms. I would've preferred that they play some of their older stuff, like "Summer Hit", "Derail and Crash", "We Don't Mean That Much", or "Caravan in Wales" but maybe those kids around me wouldn't know all those classic Wombats tunes. They ended with "Let's Dance to Joy Division" and it got major crazy with people clamoring on stage, including me. I danced the shit outta that song up there, mere inches from Matt (alas, i didn't touch him or whatever, there was also some guy who worked there trying to protect him or some shit like that). I regret not going around to Dan and Tord during my time on stage. My jamming got cut short when some huge-ass security guy grabbed my arm, pulled me to the side, and almost flung me off there. Scary shit.

Here is a picture of the event described above (me on stage, picture taking, while the security guy was dragging me off). All in all great fun. Mincey was there! Tord kinda high-fived me (he backtracked just to get to me)! Mmm. More free stuff too: poster AND sticker.

June 1, 2008

Minions!!! It's time for my SMOOOOTHIEE!! of DOOOOM!!

I am excited for tonite. Not cuz i'm going to an awesome show or cuz i'mma be snorting up/shooting down at a serious party or cuz i gotta meet up with a cute boy for some good times. I will, unpredictably, be at home faithfully awaiting the premiere of THE VENTURE BROS. season 3.

It's been too damn long since I've gotten me some fresh episodes ( two years. 2!!).
If anyone knows me, and there are few out there that do, i'm kinda very much a cartoon enthusiast. I've been raised on the animated shows you've only heard about and wished you've seen. That's right. Well, i could be frontin' a little. Don't deny the hype. This premiere better put out...

May 29, 2008

death in my hands

It was weird today...i read about something and ended up thinking about the consequences of the subject, ultimately death, and then it happened. To go more into depth about this odd and harrowing event: I was reading my text book for sex psych on zoophilia, wondering if some people would attempt to do the deed with birds (supposedly yes to bigger fowl like ducks and geese) and how horrible that would be for the animal. All i could think of was the death of the poor animal. Later, as I was eating lunch, a small bird crashed into one of the glass doors on the balcony. I rushed outside to see if it was all right, picking the bird up. It was breathing for a while, definitely looking shocked from having the wind knocked out of it. After a bit, i noticed that the bird had stopped breathing so hard and its eyes were closing. The poor thing died in my hands. I buried it all properly.

I was the last thing it saw.

May 25, 2008

havin' good times, are ya? i am.

Do i have any reason to blog? This just used to be some means of letting off steam and bad-mouthing whatever the hell was fucking up my day and at times it is, but--not so much anymore. I don't know if anyone visits this decrepit piece of webspace (anymore to say the least), but here i'll continue to post the base occurrences that make up my daily life.
My night life, however, makes up for uninterstingness i suffer when the sun's out. All right. I warned y'all about the FOALS show last post. Here's what I gotta say about that:

I hadn't been to the Troubadour for, what, about 5 years (it was the early TMCM years, i liked me some earlimart, it was cheap), but i recognized some of the's a pity i didn't go check upstairs to see if my little panda thing was still there. So, it was the usually getting in, standing around, and general waiting routine. Maps and Atlases went on after about an hour. Now, what really intrigued me about this band (i guess besides the girl) was the xylophone jamming. That was truly transfixing--i found myself staring at it being played for the majority of the set (quand it was in use). Quite the innovative band; guitar played like a piano and such; some manhandling of the instruments (it looked slightly uncomfortable/strange).Overall quite good, rather dancey & mathy.

I guess we waited another 30 minutes before every was ready for Foals. OK. The first thing I noticed was the bass guy because i recognized him from a picture i had seen on a blog peeking out from the corner of the picture and he bared a striking resemblance to matt murphy (i'd say it was the hair).

What i really wasn't expecting, however, was the general cuteness (ie: the japanese girls next to me promptly exclaiming,"かわいい!!!" when they all came out). I think the cuteness was mostly direct towards Mr. Drummer & Mr. Synth' maybe even Mr. Murph look-a-like Bass Mann--larry young girls calling out names i was unfamiliar with to get them to look in their direction for a decent picture. It worked on several, or maybe just two, occasions. Yes, it was right good. Encore as well as jumping into the crowd for some dancing; alas, i touched no one and if i had stayed a little longer i might've been able to chat up a little with adorable Mr, Drummer ( i think of it now he reminded me of dan, the other wombat guy). And i got some free stuff--a poster!!

Foals > The Kooks. Most definitely.

May 20, 2008

Mondays can be fun sometimes

Went to see the kooks. the morning benders opened. the drummer gave me malkmus vibes with his hat. they was cute. blah. I touched Luke Pritchard, who's also cute, but not nearly as awesome as Calvin Harris.

A fight almost broke out next to me (much like when i saw the cribs..i must attract them) though one wouldn't expect, really to happen at this sort of gig. the best part had to be the encore. Luke came out and played "jackie big tits" and "seaside"--acoustic stuff on his own. the whole band eventually came back out and we sang happy birthday to one of the guys working there. hmm. All rights. get ready for foals on the saturday, kids.

For some odd reason i am so into hot chip right now. shake a fist does major damage to my dance bones. gonna be seein' 'em in september. i missed them last time 'cuz i didn't think much of it. how pedestrian of me. last week it was all cavin harris and his vegas song..

April 29, 2008

My weekend fucked yours.

I don't think anyone knows..what i did during the weekend. Well, I just happened to go to Coachella on Saturday. It was so brutally hot out there, but most definitely awesome.
OK OK OK OK OK. I saw some totally great bands/performers, most of which I was familiar with and the cause of my wanting to go soooo bad.
I started the day with the bird and the bee..I didn't know who they were, i just wanted to see the band playing after them. So, that was relatively lovely...there was a mini wind tornado thing going on outside the tent and dick slapping was mentioned. i much enjoyed this song:
something, something be my fucking boyfriend.

Post b&b set i rushed as fast as i could to get in close proximity of the stage for the teenagers. so they came out all festooned in their summer clothes (leonardo di caprio t-shirt was waaaayyyy coool) and started with "feeling better". THE DANCING. THE FUCKING DANCING by the LEAD SINGER GUY. SHITS. It was great. There was some beach ball going around that hit some of the band members and, in return, hit some of the people in the crowd (french muscles were to blame).

post teenagers i went to see kavinsky. woo. that was good beats. klxns remixed. justice remixed too (dur, d.a.n.c.e.). and this young guy was trying to seduce me with his juvenile rave moves. then went to see MGMT. MGMT!! they were much better than i thought they were--psychedelic-like jamming and headband wearing and running around during "kids". Great.

Saw The Jicks (oh! stephen malkmus!). i kinda wish i'd left a little earlier to catch a bit of the kate nash or something...but it was stephen malkmus--who doesn't roll, but uses a bong!

I got a glimpse of hot chip (alas, there were so many people i couldn't get all close) so i went to see death cab for cutie. also a lot of people. it was good, though. they talked of prince at the end:
I'm excited for Prince!!!

Then Calvin Harris. And he had very skinny legs. As did his bass man, who played quite well, getting into it and all...and providing the best back bass to all the songs. I touched Calvin Harris, too. He came up and I reached out and ... we made contact.

Sadly, i had to leave after seeing that delightful scottish lad; i missed checking out portishead and seeing Prince in all his purple glory.
Quite the best day i've had in a while. Too bad i don't think i can go next year (if all goes well i'mma be outta the fuckin country).

April 20, 2008

What i learned in 6th grade

You all should know what today's about.
..and i'm not about to indulge in what i mentioned in the last post. sorry it just appeared.
anyway, it's just a dick.

April 12, 2008

Sit on my lap. Do it.

Exciting news, anyone? Well, I’ve just recently discovered (like today, like some minutes ago) that the wombats will be back in l.a. in june. Hmmm. This a nice opportunity to, uh, see them actually play and avoid the 3/11 incident again..i just took a glimpse at the info so maybe I’ll delve into it more later.
Other important events to mention! I’m finally on Spring Break (..pshaw—like it fuckin’ matters when you go to school three days outta the five day scholarly week) and i don't know what to do. I've thought about biking around (oh! healthy and environmentally awesome activity, although there are some negative connections i've heard of late) or getting on the train. Bah. Hopefully there'll be theme park adventures.
This was just a ploy to waste space.
Gah..the next post shall have a song i'll make up about something ridiculous or unnecessary. at least that'll be exciting.
Stay tuned please.
And i'm sooooo tired of sex, but titties and genitalia don't cease to amaze me.

April 5, 2008

A proper Friday nite

It was really a last minute kinda of decision yesterday--i'm super glad i went for it despite some of problems i faced--when i went to see the cribs at the el rey. I'm pretty sure i mentioned these guys somewhere in this blog afore (like, around when klaxons came to l.a. for the first time last year and i was all pissed). all right, let's address this event chronologically:

So this thing didn't get going 'til about 9:00 with Jeffrey Lewis and his little ensemble. He opened with a cute, almost poetic, beat-fest about ramen noodles. Apparently the blue ichiban brand are the most delish things for starving new york artsy folks. So, the vibes i got from him were very Adam Green/the moldy peaches (anti-folkish..?) and, after thinking about it for a while, Eugene McGuinness. Another awesome thing about this guy: he draws comics. I can definitely appreciate someone who's got decent illustrating skills (like me). He also showed two mini slide show films, with his little drawings, featuring songs to accompany the images.

I was vaguely familiar with Ra Ra Riot..i mean, i had heard of the band before, but i didn't exactly know what they sounded like. So..whoo..they were fun and jumpin'. All i can really think of, in terms of relating their sound to anyone else, is tokyo police club + los campesinos! why you all ponder? well, think of the TPC guy singing over those beatific and bright los camposinos! tracks. that's what this essentially was--right down to the violins and happy on stage dancing or what have you. I guess this kinda makes up for the tpc i missed last month AND it gives me a taste of what to expect of l c! in june. Despite having some difficulty seeing them jam--damn tall guys standing in front of me--i did catch glimpses of the drummer who spastically headbanged hilariously as he played. A dance-inducing group, indeed.

Now, kiddies, comes the main event of the evening. First and foremost, i made my way as close to the stage as possible. After a long wait, the curtains parted, THE CRIBS got into position for some goood times, and i was shoved forward by the kids behind me. People went mad, absolutely mad, moshing about to the opening song (don't you want to be relevant?) and i was jostled forward and backward, left and right--it was sooo painful; i literally had the air knocked outta my lungs. I was originally standing on near the right side, but by as the playing progressed i ended up on the right side..totally near Ryan the whole time. People got up on stage (eventually ushered/carried off); attempts to dance/hug the guys/jump on Ross were made and some actually accomplished. A fight kinda broke out behind me (i speculate some guy's girlfriend got pushed to the ground by another guy..) and i was all, "WHOaaa." and i'm quite sure i saw alex pollack (i dunno how to spell his name; i just recognized him from school) during this incident.

So. It was fucking righteous. Even though I'm sore and probably soon-to-be riddled with bruises.

April 1, 2008

fucking in the air..say WHAT?

Mostly everywhere else (for sure in France and Italy..and most of europe maybe?) it's, like, fish day and everyone plays tricks on each other. What's up with the fish and why isn't fish associated with today over here?
i don't even feel like pulling some virtual prank. blegh.
but they are up there fucking the shit outta each other. let's leave it at this:



Delicious, delicious PCP

Good times.

March 31, 2008


it is definitely time for a new post because much, i guess, has happened to me since the last time i was all smitten with theologically moniker'd guys. my newest interest is one Jean-Pierre Léaud...almost exclusively as a young kid.

this also sparked my intrigue with french again, but i forgotten so much vocabulary and verb forms (alas, this rings true for the japanese that i had once mastered)--curses. I anticipate going to europe for studies next year although i am torn between Italy and England. How i wish i could go to both! I want to go to both...gah--it's impossible because of if you go to one you miss the orientation and classes to prepare for the other.
Aside from the necessary decision making to be done there i totally know where I'm going to have winter/spring break (pending where i fuckin choose to go) in europe--Paris!! France!! I'mma train over there and walk around and order me some crêpes (maintenant je voudrais manger les nouriturres françaises. j'ai faim un peu..) AHHHH!! FRENCH STUUUUFF!

March 17, 2008

Missed chance #7029

I saw Daniel twice and--i didn't say anyfuckingthing. I wouldn't feel so horrid if i'd only seen him once, the primary unexpected time..but the second time clearly needed a wave or "hi" or some inquiry about his foot/statement about missing male genitalia talk last thursday rather than some shitty shy-like smile.
Other news...i was secluded in a grotesquely small editing room with andy and then jerry, but eventually back to andy. also a good time for me to be more inquisitive.

Fucking shit.I'm sick of it. And chock full of contempt.
Also stoic-like, maybes.

March 11, 2008

Death plays Chess

Pre-grindhouse times there were arthouses. And these arthouses showed boss foreign films that we seldom care about nowadays. Death was often featured playing chess and if he won he took your ungrateful soul with him. Fellini is awesome. Giulietta Masina is an adorably-tangible-Italian-Audrey Hepburn-ish woman. Really, now.

Enough about film related pastimes—here is the most intriguing occurrence of the March 11, 2008: So tonite I was going to see The Wombats (and some other bands I didn’t know about) and I was able to spot but I realized that my originally well thought out scheme wouldn’t work and, indeed, access was denied. Next time I’mma go to MacArthur Park, fools. Anywhat—I roam around, contemplating if I should hang out in the 7-Eleven across the street. After a long while (ie: getting lost a bit on the strange streets) I began my wait kinda behind the damn place and someone walks by me. I don't really care who it is, thinking it was these two people who I had seen momentarily at the crosswalk. It was this guy wearing a black jacket with some sorta plaid shirt deal, black pants, and red shoes, i guess, sporting some wild hair that was slightly reminiscent of an afro. HOLD UP.
What does Matt Murphy look like? Let's refresh our memories, kiddies:

OK. At first I was all thinking, "NO FUCKING WAY" then i slowly thought, "well, maybe." I couldn't clearly see his face even though he looked back at me a few times(once as he initially walked by me and again as he was farther off--possibly because i tried to discreetly follow him for a bit to see if it was really him...i shoulda fuckin' waved, man) because it was dark and he turned to glance at me real quick. I was astonished. I waited a bit more...wishing he'd come back so i could make sure that was him. Lo and Behold!! He returned!! But I didn't see his damn face again...i really thought about yelling something so he'd turn around (maybe, like, "Hey" or "Excuse me" or just "Hello" like one lady said to me as she walked by). I would've known fo sho...i'm pretty fucking sure it was Murph, though. Not damn sure, but pretty sure. And that's more than good enough for me.

I can't believe I missed possible live versions of "lost in the post", "party in the forest" (ohhh, i'm fuckin' pissed..if they played this...uurgh!!), "backfire at the disco", "kill the director", "patricia the stripper", "metro song", "moving to new york" (i hope to accomplish that one fine day), "school uniforms" and the etc. of goodness--shiiiiittt...i can't believe it. Damn 88.

March 5, 2008

Rape alley: a macguffin

I admit it. Guys with biblical names, at times plain, attract me. All the damn Andrews, Davids, and Daniels recently..uuggghhhnn.
Admitting blogging fatigue is a rarity, but it’s quite true. There hasn’t been any great stuff that calls/screams/moans out to be recorded on the interweb (not including humorous phrases like “oh look at that triangle—what a slut!!”). Few things are occurring, however, and maybe a worthy topic once weekly/biweekly. Here has to be one of those things.
Camera practice in the rape alley was fun as was the crotch grabbing and exclamations of cuteness. Sexual assertiveness apparent throughout the rest of the day this occurred. Also, for some illogical reason, explaining how robots emerge from eggs instead of little baby birds induces laugher on the masses.
According to word on da street, kids, all the girlies are into coiffing their pubies into major shapes—stars, hearts, lighting bolts—or going all the way and flaunting a “bald” kitty. They throw in some rhinestones for good measure, too.

February 29, 2008

Stop! No! Don't! ...but it feels good

It's like the day that doesn't exist. I'm so tired of sex. Seen my fair share of guys getting stabbed in the groin. Dr. Money, you are a bad person.
i guess i'm back to french; gonna try to get into some italian (getting way into the godfather)--and I'm driving again. Schemery pending, looking forward to the wombats 3/11. Thought i'd have more to say about anything in particular. um, general admiration of the childish actions of the daniel/david guy which amuse me so.

February 26, 2008

where's my goddamn eye patch???

i’ve been gone for too long, maybe? In the time of my absence I’ve watched a fucking bunch of entrancing, good/grim shit. Ok..I’m gonna start with this whole Guy Pearce stint I’ve experience (just like the Eric Stoltz one I had in December and I’m talking about suddenly watching movies featuring these people). First off was L.A. Confidential—I really don’t know why I watched the whole thing, I guess I heard something about it that triggered something in my brain or whatever—which I found intricate with interconnections involving crime and unexpected killings. It was slow going and long, but dramatic, old school, detective investigating shoot-outs ensued.
Within the same week there was also the viewing of Ravenous. Now, this was another film I vaguely remember being mentioned somewhere, primarily about the subject of cannibalism, and, lo and behold, there was Guy Pearce again (also Jeremy Davies; I suppose he’s part of a stint I had including Spank the Monkey, Lost, and this thing). It was late, i turned it IFC and was utterly transfixed to this gruesome interpretation of 1880s expansionists exploiting Native American folklore for their own evil ways. That doesn’t seem so far fetched, do it? Besides all the blood gulped down and human femurs munched on, I found the whole thing to be a very enticing thriller examining the extremes people go in order to survive—or become more powerful—like survival of the fittest sort of thing. The music was good, I mean, when they were going through the woods and stuff to the cave and when Pearce’s character was in the woods—it was up-beaty-folksy.
Right then. Living in Oblivion was quite good; it was fucking funny (i.e. “you hostess twinkie motherfucker”) and showed all the shit film cast and crew deal with. Very trippy too, like, there were these dream sequences…what was real? Or fake? I can’t say specifically for sure because everything bled together and continued into the next scene and it fucking tripped me out, dammit.
Lastly there was On The Water Front. Now, I guess all I knew about it was Marlon Brando playing the main guy (a li’l bit of...),

but I dinna know shit about the plot or any of the other people in this thing—Elia Kazan, Leonard Bernstein (I should know better)? To be honest I didn’t much care for whatever was going on, but the cinematography—the compositions of the shots, that was beautiful and conveyed the emotion of the situation/scene brilliantly as well as the messianic undertones (the music helped with this, too).

February 14, 2008

alone again, naturally

And people like that are getting together, making mini, grotesque atrocities of themselves, and calling it "love".
Does anyone remember that picture? Oh god, the wasted times we had in class.

February 13, 2008

fuck you, Kid

"fuck you too, you son of a bitch."
i feel like something's gonna emerge through my ribcage. like in alien.

Da Funk of 40,000 Years

She was fucking pissed.
Shit. double doses today. too much take-home finals and being Lost In Translation. Smoke soon.

February 11, 2008

It starts

you know. the pedestrian shit fest coming up. unnecessary visionary protest everyday and up until the day.
give me a holler if you're a robot/alien/monster/something not from the homo genus, bitches. we'll get along just fiiine.

February 5, 2008

Sociological-like scenario songs feat. Fat Tuesday

It's also election day of a sort and, for reasons that still perplex me, I wasn't able to vote (mainly because I didn't complete and turn in my registration to do so). Ah..things haven't been all exciting for me. The most interesting thing about today could quite possibly be the incident in the school parking lot. An older man approached me after getting out of his car and asked me where one could enroll in classes when I noticed a younger man get out of the driver's side of the car, walking towards us. I said the L Building and gave ridiculously vague directions on how one might arrive there and that the place might be closed. After a bit of befuddling, the younger man said it was quite all right, thanked me for the help, and speculated that there might be a map indicating where they should go.
What happened to the good ol' days of songs about all the junkie hookers working for the pederast pimps on the corner of 4th and Main? Songs about eight year olds huffing glue in the cellar jamming to some of that Donovan? If you don't inform the people by means of popular media how are we gonna know and finally do something about it? Ahem, that means you self-proclaimed music kids who used to know how to weave stories into your songs, but have turned to more commercial aspects that are trite and were conjured up by people eager to make bank. Even if you're cute.
I look forward, kinda, to the results of the votes that everyone who was eligible could make.
And for those who give a hoot about nawlins.

Russians are hip.

January 31, 2008

Realistic Pessimism unrealistically Hopeful.
who wants another smiley?

’tis the last day of January to post stuff for the ’08. It’s funny—he likes it when other guys pat him on the back, but won’t let them massage his back, prolonging the amount of time they’re physically contacting each other. That was one hilarious little bit. He also seeks out the obviousness of the situation, have things spelled out for him. Ok. More relevant or even relatable ramblings: If anyone remembers the old posts from last year or even in 2006 I did a lot of goodness with the movies that I watched (I think it technically started in October ’06 with all that Halloween schtuff). Well, let’s revisit that.

I watched this in class on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was, you know, overall good. Deep, deep philosophical shit--like what is happiness and how do you acquire it? What about luck or fortune? I thought it was more about the guilt involved with it...from the various stories that intertwined, most of those people were suffering. Alan Arkin was in it and I couldn't help but think of Gattaca and Little Miss Sunshine yet his character was marred with all the trouble and misery he had lived through. Frankie Faison as his co-worker friend was also portrayed well--he said a nice bit in the film that went like this "life makes sense when you look at it backwards; too bad we have to live it forwards".

January 25, 2008

Some shoddy come back this is

I haven’t been around for a while—I guess in a electrocommunicational way. Not that I don’t want to be found or something like that…I suppose I’m still in a state of self-discovery which needs a bit more time. Uhh. The news around here involves a general fatigue of things that used to appear so exciting and worth the time doing. And that cunning intercultural communications class is totally tripping me out on how to see others when I’m interacting with them. Much too much over processing of ideas.

Yeahhhhh. I can’t say if anything great has occurred, really, nothing has. I spend the days reading and sipping on tea. I’m still searching, looking, and waiting. Where the fuck is it?

January 7, 2008

More already?

The only way to feel.
The same sentiments.
Love, love, & love

And the whole process of thought in general is available right hurr.

January 5, 2008

I want you to know something,
something very important

Um. This is serious. I mean, major, majorly important for people who know me and don’t know about this already.

I’m taking a leave of absence from school. (Pay close attention to the LOA part—it may not be a permanent thing yet.) I feel bad, you know, because someone else suffers, to an extent, at this expense—a great pal of mine who I’ve known for ages. There are varied and numerous reasons for this decision and I had the most harrowing time deciding what would ultimately be the best for me. This may seem like a waste—like throwing away a good thing, but really, it isn’t the place for me. Scholastically, I find the place doesn’t cater to my needs and to be brutally, really, grotesquely honest I was planning on not attending next year or transferring…as soon as I could. Maybe I’m also a bummy cheapo, too, and education isn’t the first thing on my mind at the moment—there’s so much more I could do (Ahem, approved travel to intriguing locales around the world) with the cash that’s been flowing to the place. It’s so hard to admit it publicly; the feeling of being a fucking failure as well as being categorized with my other various relatives (not that it’s bad, although I could be implying a bit of genetics here) lays a heavy burden on my being and it ain’t a nice thing. And it’s not like I’m saying it’s a terrible educational establishment—it’s great if you know what you want to do and they’ve got the classes that’ll ultimately help you reach that goal. It’s a wonderful place with trees giving off fresh air galore and scenery rivaling even the best of those in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (New Zealand or something, I read it some time ago in some magazine of sorts). I might just need a break from the uncertainty of it all and to finally do a bit of what I’ve always wanted to do (there’s a fair amount of ‘em on a list much like the super b-b-bang one). I need to experience shit on my own and learn from all the fuck ups I’ve never had. This is one of the few times, if not only time, in my disintegrating youth where I can have a say in my educational life without being obscenely forced into doing things others think is good for me. How are they gonna know what I’m planning to do and what gives ‘em the authority to make me do what they want? I do feel insincere; a goddamn fake, a believable liar, a sleazy conniver and for all that, especially leading you on ever so willingly, I AM SORRY. Any wonderings regarding why I didn’t come forward earlier…I don’t know—all caught up in the hype of what college was supposed to be and what it actually turned out to be. Shit. This resembles a spiel I might go through if I were breaking up with someone I’d been seeing for a long time and the relationship was all right, but I wasn’t thinking it would go anywhere and still liked the person and wanted to be friends without sounding like a whiny, unknowing bitch who can’t figure out the fuck she wants. And, uh, people who don’t know me or never will because I’m not going to said school listed on the good ol’ facebook sorry for not getting to know you better/never meeting you. I don’t think this includes many people…and I doubt most of them care at all.

Maybe I’mma take this time to grow up, start caring, and function in the economic world.
I still feel miserable about breaking this news mostly in this ridiculous, impersonal fashion. The digital world makes it easy to confess while disguising the repercussions of words. I kinda wish for the simpler times of forced social deliverance.
I’m something with you, but I’m not nothing without you.

January 1, 2008

2008 already ain't great

I dislike the redundancy of posts, but I deem this impertinent to one of the main causes of “Verbal Punches!”. 2008 isn’t so much about some shit new resolutions (although there are some)—it’s all about living it up because, sadly, it’s my last year as a bona fide youth. I get all depressed thinking about getting older and all the things I haven’t done that I fucking shoulda when I was young and stupid. I just wasn’t stupid enough. In that sense my whole teenage years feel wasted. Think about it: you’re only 19 once, but you got seven years as a fucking teen to get into all sorts of trouble that you’ll probably regret—and don’t get me wrong, I have all sorts of regrets based mostly on ridiculous academic (see? see what kind of follies I think I’ve gotten into??) mishaps. Therefore my new approach for this year will be indifferently involved indefinitely. Well, I'm gonna have to make it work..

The Zombies - This Will be Our Year