April 29, 2008

My weekend fucked yours.

I don't think anyone knows..what i did during the weekend. Well, I just happened to go to Coachella on Saturday. It was so brutally hot out there, but most definitely awesome.
OK OK OK OK OK. I saw some totally great bands/performers, most of which I was familiar with and the cause of my wanting to go soooo bad.
I started the day with the bird and the bee..I didn't know who they were, i just wanted to see the band playing after them. So, that was relatively lovely...there was a mini wind tornado thing going on outside the tent and dick slapping was mentioned. i much enjoyed this song:
something, something be my fucking boyfriend.

Post b&b set i rushed as fast as i could to get in close proximity of the stage for the teenagers. so they came out all festooned in their summer clothes (leonardo di caprio t-shirt was waaaayyyy coool) and started with "feeling better". THE DANCING. THE FUCKING DANCING by the LEAD SINGER GUY. SHITS. It was great. There was some beach ball going around that hit some of the band members and, in return, hit some of the people in the crowd (french muscles were to blame).

post teenagers i went to see kavinsky. woo. that was good beats. klxns remixed. justice remixed too (dur, d.a.n.c.e.). and this young guy was trying to seduce me with his juvenile rave moves. then went to see MGMT. MGMT!! they were much better than i thought they were--psychedelic-like jamming and headband wearing and running around during "kids". Great.

Saw The Jicks (oh! stephen malkmus!). i kinda wish i'd left a little earlier to catch a bit of the kate nash or something...but it was stephen malkmus--who doesn't roll, but uses a bong!

I got a glimpse of hot chip (alas, there were so many people i couldn't get all close) so i went to see death cab for cutie. also a lot of people. it was good, though. they talked of prince at the end:
I'm excited for Prince!!!

Then Calvin Harris. And he had very skinny legs. As did his bass man, who played quite well, getting into it and all...and providing the best back bass to all the songs. I touched Calvin Harris, too. He came up and I reached out and ... we made contact.

Sadly, i had to leave after seeing that delightful scottish lad; i missed checking out portishead and seeing Prince in all his purple glory.
Quite the best day i've had in a while. Too bad i don't think i can go next year (if all goes well i'mma be outta the fuckin country).

April 20, 2008

What i learned in 6th grade

You all should know what today's about.
..and i'm not about to indulge in what i mentioned in the last post. sorry it just appeared.
anyway, it's just a dick.

April 12, 2008

Sit on my lap. Do it.

Exciting news, anyone? Well, I’ve just recently discovered (like today, like some minutes ago) that the wombats will be back in l.a. in june. Hmmm. This a nice opportunity to, uh, see them actually play and avoid the 3/11 incident again..i just took a glimpse at the info so maybe I’ll delve into it more later.
Other important events to mention! I’m finally on Spring Break (..pshaw—like it fuckin’ matters when you go to school three days outta the five day scholarly week) and i don't know what to do. I've thought about biking around (oh! healthy and environmentally awesome activity, although there are some negative connections i've heard of late) or getting on the train. Bah. Hopefully there'll be theme park adventures.
This was just a ploy to waste space.
Gah..the next post shall have a song i'll make up about something ridiculous or unnecessary. at least that'll be exciting.
Stay tuned please.
And i'm sooooo tired of sex, but titties and genitalia don't cease to amaze me.

April 5, 2008

A proper Friday nite

It was really a last minute kinda of decision yesterday--i'm super glad i went for it despite some of problems i faced--when i went to see the cribs at the el rey. I'm pretty sure i mentioned these guys somewhere in this blog afore (like, around when klaxons came to l.a. for the first time last year and i was all pissed). all right, let's address this event chronologically:

So this thing didn't get going 'til about 9:00 with Jeffrey Lewis and his little ensemble. He opened with a cute, almost poetic, beat-fest about ramen noodles. Apparently the blue ichiban brand are the most delish things for starving new york artsy folks. So, the vibes i got from him were very Adam Green/the moldy peaches (anti-folkish..?) and, after thinking about it for a while, Eugene McGuinness. Another awesome thing about this guy: he draws comics. I can definitely appreciate someone who's got decent illustrating skills (like me). He also showed two mini slide show films, with his little drawings, featuring songs to accompany the images.

I was vaguely familiar with Ra Ra Riot..i mean, i had heard of the band before, but i didn't exactly know what they sounded like. So..whoo..they were fun and jumpin'. All i can really think of, in terms of relating their sound to anyone else, is tokyo police club + los campesinos! why you all ponder? well, think of the TPC guy singing over those beatific and bright los camposinos! tracks. that's what this essentially was--right down to the violins and happy on stage dancing or what have you. I guess this kinda makes up for the tpc i missed last month AND it gives me a taste of what to expect of l c! in june. Despite having some difficulty seeing them jam--damn tall guys standing in front of me--i did catch glimpses of the drummer who spastically headbanged hilariously as he played. A dance-inducing group, indeed.

Now, kiddies, comes the main event of the evening. First and foremost, i made my way as close to the stage as possible. After a long wait, the curtains parted, THE CRIBS got into position for some goood times, and i was shoved forward by the kids behind me. People went mad, absolutely mad, moshing about to the opening song (don't you want to be relevant?) and i was jostled forward and backward, left and right--it was sooo painful; i literally had the air knocked outta my lungs. I was originally standing on near the right side, but by as the playing progressed i ended up on the right side..totally near Ryan the whole time. People got up on stage (eventually ushered/carried off); attempts to dance/hug the guys/jump on Ross were made and some actually accomplished. A fight kinda broke out behind me (i speculate some guy's girlfriend got pushed to the ground by another guy..) and i was all, "WHOaaa." and i'm quite sure i saw alex pollack (i dunno how to spell his name; i just recognized him from school) during this incident.

So. It was fucking righteous. Even though I'm sore and probably soon-to-be riddled with bruises.

April 1, 2008

fucking in the air..say WHAT?

Mostly everywhere else (for sure in France and Italy..and most of europe maybe?) it's, like, fish day and everyone plays tricks on each other. What's up with the fish and why isn't fish associated with today over here?
i don't even feel like pulling some virtual prank. blegh.
but they are up there fucking the shit outta each other. let's leave it at this:



Delicious, delicious PCP

Good times.