November 27, 2006

Hello, regular day.

I went to school at about 7:30 AM to take a biology test that lasted until 9:15 AM. Mmmm, that's a delicious Monday for you. Yep. Been rereading Shakespeare's Hamlet. Oh. Somehow that Horatio is quite a quippy character, but I guess not really. Literature and your demading journals--leave me be! I can't stand your analytical abuse. Oh-ho, have I got an amazing feat to announce: I have completed my regular college applications due this Thursday. No applause, please, I'm just a hard working drone, oh, indeed. Seriously, it was done at 3:42 PM or something and right now I'm, all, taking a worthy break that won't have any consequences later-ish.

A rather funny concept from Japanese class: I made my grandmother force me to bring her an umbrella. Oh, that's quite the funny situation. ...and I think that the title from the last entry was much Sufjan Stevens based. That John Wayne Gacy Jr. really freaks me out. Really, totally, freaky.

November 23, 2006

Sacrifice of Turkeys for Consupmtion Day is National!

Joe Namath..found him whilst working on a powerpoint presentation about Harry Benson. Hm. [?] My Thanksgiving has been going on without any strange or traditional occurences. No turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes (that is yet to be discussed, I suppose), cranberry sauce, et al. those regular foodstuffs. There are, however, an abundant supply of waffles, ham, crab (soft-shelled?) soup, cheesecake, cranberry bread, and pecanpie waiting to be tasted/digested. Slight differences, no?

I spent the better half of my day watching some episodes of season 2 of Project Runway on Bravo. That was, like, four or five hours straight of Santino Vs. Nick, Daniel, Chloe, Kara, himself. Oohoo--great fun. Wow, yeah. Anyway, this isn't the greatest fun I've ever had. It's more, like, work and eat and lounge around watching whatever's on the television again. I've amuse myself, though, looking at Benson's work. His photos are serious, full of life, and pondrous. It's nice that they're authentic and don't appear to be tampered in any way for dramatic enhancement. Please visit website: Harry Benson!

I don't want to work on damn college applications. Oh, god. I am not eager to worry my brain to obilvion; this is a little digression on my part.

November 19, 2006

Again the persuit of quaint ART




the bird and the human contemplate. blood is drawn in biology class. Seriously, though, little Blondie, the gentle bird, typed that first part for your pleasure. She hopes that you enjoyed.

November 11, 2006

so, disneyland vs. dragons.

Never, ever go to Disneyland or any theme park for that matter during a/the national holiday/s. It's ever so ridiculously crowded. Everyone is there!! ARRRTHEHGGSHE?! Well, I guess people were all going 'cuz they all had some free ticket paper from the mail (ah, comme moi) or had no work/school (aussi, like me) or wanted to see all the new holiday decor. Oh, yes. The wonderful picture taken sometime during the night there. My camera not work good and now. Among the memorable rides are Star Tours, the Haunted Mansion (TNBC-ified), and Space Mountain. I Brought home an EWOK. It's soft, adorable, and barbaric. Another nice thing about this weekend: Instead of doing College Applications I went ahead and played some Spyro: Year of the Dragon. I finally beat the damn snowboarding Yetis and kicked Sorceress buttocks. Uh. Nice Divvy of time.