January 31, 2009

fare thee well, my 8 year old masochistic enthusiast

OH! already the end of the month. nothing really exciting happened. and i'm not having a particularly good time nowadays. one thing i'm totally disliking is my online class. it's the worst i've taken. ever. i think it's cuz we don't watch movies about aliens/zombies/superheroes and i have no idea what the people in my class look like (it's more likely i forgot what they look like...alas, no more monstertits).

it's been more quiet around here since the people visiting left. i realize now that i miss the kid quite a bit. he was cute and quizzical and bilingual and he oddly reminded me of myself when i was younger, with the exception of him being a boy and being more talkative/loud. he was a funny little guy, occasionally conflicting damage on himself.

patiently and apprehensively waiting for march to roll around. it'll be coming right quick.

January 10, 2009

When you're old enough I'll Eat You

I'm so happy! My little basil plant has sprouted! check it out:

i was starting to get disappointed when i noticed that the little black seeds were unresponsive to the water, sunlight and attention i was showering it with, but over the last few days i started to see the progression into consumable vegetation. It's exciting!
the little sprouts do look rather unappealing, almost like worms. well, it is a phase they'll grow out of eventually.

yes. it's what i've been doing since the new year.

January 7, 2009

2009. shit you look FINE.

♪heeeeeey there 2009--you done crossed the line♪ ~
♪i can sense the wonder you possess like my seemingly unending obsess...ion with alex turner.♪ ~
♪but, i ain't no mad fanatic. he's just cute, don't get ecstatic♪

sorry if that's an annoying song. so welcome to the new year! uh, six days late. sorry again for not being so punctual or repetitive as last year. nothing big is going down at the moment. eventually, but not now.
so. people have been going around talking about their resolutions (erhmm, weight especially) and i think it's time i make some. maybe. for everyone who cares to see:

1. read more: finish stuff i started reading (curse you, wuthering heights!) and the list from dear, old nicholson.

2. watch more classic films: i tried to get into casablanca (alas, it was late at night after a tiring day...ingrid bergman looked spectacular) an' i really need to watch la nouvelle vague (goddard/truffaut/the rest of 'em). got this kinda started with some breakfast at tiffany's

3. attain more pals: you can be across the sea or next to me...just please don't flee..we'll share rare commonalities

4. uh..maintain cuteness: internal, external, the whole shebang.

5. eruditely work at acquiring a new language: romance language perchance?

i'd like to see how long these idea last. the greatest thing to look forward to, however, will be in march. i don't know if i'mma have the time of my life [yet] but i thoroughly expect to. where my badass mothafuckas at?