May 20, 2008

Mondays can be fun sometimes

Went to see the kooks. the morning benders opened. the drummer gave me malkmus vibes with his hat. they was cute. blah. I touched Luke Pritchard, who's also cute, but not nearly as awesome as Calvin Harris.

A fight almost broke out next to me (much like when i saw the cribs..i must attract them) though one wouldn't expect, really to happen at this sort of gig. the best part had to be the encore. Luke came out and played "jackie big tits" and "seaside"--acoustic stuff on his own. the whole band eventually came back out and we sang happy birthday to one of the guys working there. hmm. All rights. get ready for foals on the saturday, kids.

For some odd reason i am so into hot chip right now. shake a fist does major damage to my dance bones. gonna be seein' 'em in september. i missed them last time 'cuz i didn't think much of it. how pedestrian of me. last week it was all cavin harris and his vegas song..

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