April 5, 2008

A proper Friday nite

It was really a last minute kinda of decision yesterday--i'm super glad i went for it despite some of problems i faced--when i went to see the cribs at the el rey. I'm pretty sure i mentioned these guys somewhere in this blog afore (like, around when klaxons came to l.a. for the first time last year and i was all pissed). all right, let's address this event chronologically:

So this thing didn't get going 'til about 9:00 with Jeffrey Lewis and his little ensemble. He opened with a cute, almost poetic, beat-fest about ramen noodles. Apparently the blue ichiban brand are the most delish things for starving new york artsy folks. So, the vibes i got from him were very Adam Green/the moldy peaches (anti-folkish..?) and, after thinking about it for a while, Eugene McGuinness. Another awesome thing about this guy: he draws comics. I can definitely appreciate someone who's got decent illustrating skills (like me). He also showed two mini slide show films, with his little drawings, featuring songs to accompany the images.

I was vaguely familiar with Ra Ra Riot..i mean, i had heard of the band before, but i didn't exactly know what they sounded like. So..whoo..they were fun and jumpin'. All i can really think of, in terms of relating their sound to anyone else, is tokyo police club + los campesinos! why you all ponder? well, think of the TPC guy singing over those beatific and bright los camposinos! tracks. that's what this essentially was--right down to the violins and happy on stage dancing or what have you. I guess this kinda makes up for the tpc i missed last month AND it gives me a taste of what to expect of l c! in june. Despite having some difficulty seeing them jam--damn tall guys standing in front of me--i did catch glimpses of the drummer who spastically headbanged hilariously as he played. A dance-inducing group, indeed.

Now, kiddies, comes the main event of the evening. First and foremost, i made my way as close to the stage as possible. After a long wait, the curtains parted, THE CRIBS got into position for some goood times, and i was shoved forward by the kids behind me. People went mad, absolutely mad, moshing about to the opening song (don't you want to be relevant?) and i was jostled forward and backward, left and right--it was sooo painful; i literally had the air knocked outta my lungs. I was originally standing on near the right side, but by as the playing progressed i ended up on the right side..totally near Ryan the whole time. People got up on stage (eventually ushered/carried off); attempts to dance/hug the guys/jump on Ross were made and some actually accomplished. A fight kinda broke out behind me (i speculate some guy's girlfriend got pushed to the ground by another guy..) and i was all, "WHOaaa." and i'm quite sure i saw alex pollack (i dunno how to spell his name; i just recognized him from school) during this incident.

So. It was fucking righteous. Even though I'm sore and probably soon-to-be riddled with bruises.

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