January 29, 2007

don't Coppola other people's work

First day of my last semester in high school. Really. First period teacher reminded the seniors of the terror post secondary education. It was just a long, long, long day. This underclass girl talked to me for a minute or so in study hall. It was strange.
#2, half study hall, sophomore year teacher almost said something like "Coppola" or "coppo" when trying to say "Don't copy other people's work!" I laughed inside. "Ho, ho, ha" or something like that.

Originally, I was planning to say something after finals, like, "IT"S OVER!" or "I FEEL SO RELIEVED" or "THAT WAS QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORST TEST I'VE TAKEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE THUS FAR" or "I want pancakes". I didn't do anything because I didn't feel like working on anything after studying for various tests.


January 20, 2007

ever, never. ever, never.

A few days ago, as I was reading Joyce's The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man I became entranced by the way Hell was described by that one priest or some guy from the church. Eternal fires burning in darkness, never giving off light. That was quite interesting. Skipping ahead, I previewed Stephen's confession session with a priest. Sins of impurity with himself and women. Whoo. So that's what was going on at the end of that last chapter.

Been comparing Cary Grant and Gregory Peck today. I had some difficulty differentiating the two for a time, but now I think I can tell. I think.

January 11, 2007

come a long way by means of anxiety

Too much thinking about anything these days and it's not as interesting as it should be. I don't know; there's really so little for me to do these days and it's almost as if--________. Something smart would be there had I been concentrating on whatever was going through my brain.

Been watching some of that Apocalypse Now in literature class because we finished reading and taking a test on Heart of Darkness (which I hardy understood until the ending). The movie has made more sense having read about Marlowe and Kurtz. Yes. Uh, just a strange day with a super-hearing & giant footed & telepathically connected teacher.

Damn the concern for higher education.

Life after high school, fucking dead like dinosaurs.

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year & Chicago!

Hello 2007.

Partied up with some of my penguino friends. Continuing with stuff, I have decided to put up some of the better pictures from my great adventure in the place in America dubbed "The Windy City" (Indeed it was windy even though the temperature was moderate).

The City

Lake Shore Drive


From the hancock observatory at nighttime. I notice the bluriness and that was something I couldn't really control on my camera.

Museums and Other Places

OMFGs--cute at the MoS&I.

Was a real living baby at one time? more MoS&I.

Giant spiders feast on grubs at the Field.

Penguins at the shedd. The rockhoppers=funny jumpers.

Where Laura went: Museum of Science and Industry, The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and Shedd Aquarium. Oh the memories and antique scents.


Went here quite a few times back in the cicero days.

The polish from Lucky Dog (see above). I used to get it plain, but for this occasion it's got everything on it. It tasted different from what I remembered.

Gino's East pizza. This deep dish takes a frickin' long time to bake. There was graffiti and other writings on the walls and seats and under the table. Some pictures exist somewhere.

Other food places: Al's Italian Beef place and some buffet at this casino (the crab legs!). Most other places were in museums or food gained from groceries. The fair share, have thou changed so much?

Ending the Journey

One of the cousins. We planned to party, but cramps ensued. I watched some Hayao Miyazaki instead.

The plane on the way back west (to Las Vegas, actually) showed Little Miss Sunshine again. Multiple little screens show the part in the film where the family is shacking up in some motel for the night.

I had a lot more relatives (even a baby niece) that I don't have pictures of here. Uh, that's mostly because..my camera sucks and there's some pics on the family camera that has yet to be uploaded. Um. Yes. etc.

....the end of my year was fun. I also watched some kid show I had heard of, but didn't really know much about. Here it be: The Wonder Pets

This show...so adorable. Really.