December 3, 2008

Inverse Function and Eckman Spiral Dance off!!

SOOOO. I hain't been 'round here for a while. I apologize--i got busy and got entangled in deadlines that ended up being meaningless to me.
My thanksgiving..was decent. It got nicer when i was surprised by the arrival of and meeting with mes amies. that was funz. then...back bogged down with all the crap i forgot to do..eeeyesh.
It's December, no? Exciting! the fall semester of school is almost over....god, i can hardly believe it. If you recall, two years ago i went somewhere for the holidays and i intend to do so this year, to the same place. Refresh your memories by checking out the '06 archives. There will undoubtedly be wonderful pictures to gander at, i suppose. whatever else, then.
oh, yes. have i mentioned my other upcoming tttrrripp in march? i haven't? oh, i'm ever so sorry to have forgotten.. allow me to announce: i'll be in oxford, england for, um..about three months. all the people aware of my upcoming jaunt have been gushing over english boys.

....that truly is a variable to consider.

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