September 26, 2009

proceeding classiness; yes, it goes over

there is no reason for this one. like most others that start out this way and end up on an all too specific subject that has been bugging me for a long time. i feel there has to be something since i haven't said anything in a bit. well, i've been readin' some graphic novels, the spirit and watchmen respectively, and finding odd, almost scary connections with their general plots in relation to my science class. i don't know why nor do i wish to express the similarities at the moment.

genuinely despondent. ahhh..well. i can't say otherwise. i need to get over this grand scheme of protraction.

September 9, 2009

Hooker shoes serve thee Well

fun, fun, fun. yum,yum,yum. this is another one of those three times same number dates. like, the last real mentionable one was in 07. i thought i was going to incorporate something more poignant, but..i've forgotten my point. why don't you focus on the title? oh. i went to the sprinkles cupcake place. it's tasty, but def not worth $4 for one of those things.

September 7, 2009

Running out of sayings and activities, enter the Internets

i am such a horrible procrastinator. super slacker incarnate in the dictionary=moi. that really has nothing to do with this post/blog. back to what i meant to discuss this time around: school.
damn, that shit never ends, do it? it'll be work soon after (i mean, career-wise, not something transient and meaningless like bedding your favourite famous person) that'll keep the rants and anecdotes coming. let's start this already.

i started last week on a tuesday very, very early in the morning. Spanish was ok. the teacher was a little late and wearing also quite little. art history was okey dokey (the most unpleasant thing about that was recognising two people i have never regarded highly occupying space in the room. that pissed me off) and contritely funny. environmental science makes me feel like a bitchy, egotistical waster bent on the destruction of this planet. how can i go on living knowing i have blood on my hands (mostly indirectly)? and here i am acting all addicted to things that people didn't fucking know about not even hundreds of years ago. It isn't as elaborate as last year and there aren't any particular cute interests i have yet. of course i'll be letting you know if that should occur, i guess..

also, i gotta be getting on that intern shit. even if i don't get in, i know i at least tried for something.
the topic of upcoming posts: college applications! god. you never think that comes around again this often.