October 31, 2008


Another Halloween. I intended to dress up, somewhat like last year, but I couldn't find exactly what i needed. Why is it that places don't sell red and white stripped t-shirts? and gilligan style white hats? i didn't really look all over for that, but, still maaaan. i ain't gonna be decked out as flapjack and hanging out with cap'n k'nuckles and bubbie.

that coulda been me

no candied island adventuring for me..i also had other plans that i discovered to be thwarted rather early this morning. disappointment consumed me, but cheaper, better plans are in store for tomorrow night.
oooh, alex turner is coming up. i'm not sure what to think exactly. indeed, it is something i am definitely looking forward to....yet..hhhhhmmmm.

October 23, 2008

Worrying about him staring at my chest And "reading" what's on my shirt

there ain't nothing there anyway. i forgot the rest of it.

October 11, 2008


another shit birthday. i know my capacity for caring has diminished significantly, but i've been experiencing this sort of thing for that last...couple of years (going back to the early 2000s, people). this isn't all spite. it's a little but of a catharsis.

how i adore that word.
supposing i could have anything for today...i would say it'd be either a person or a location (like, me in a different one). don't think i could get those, though.

October 5, 2008

n. the prime example of a cute badass motherfucker ... & detour

My saturday was banging. SO SO FUCKING for REAL. i went to the detour thing in l.a. It was rather decent. The most annoying thing had to be the kids/relatively younger crowd screaming odd praises to musicians (ie: at the cut copy set--"Oh my jizzle--Dan Whitford is so hot! His hair is so hot! I wanna stick my dick in his golden locks! I totally want him to fuck me! With, like anything! Even crisco and a shotglass!"). speaking of cut copy, i wasn't impressed with their set: they started late and dan was really singing off-key for the first couple of songs...however it got acceptable and literally hopping. for some reason don't that sound a little of there? the presets what followed them were much, much better from the get-go.
here are some pictures...i guess..hahahahaha..uh.

that's noah and the whale, afternoons (oh my gosh! three timez already), and cut copy respectively.
i saw a helluva lotta other acts..datarock was the funniest..surkin and the bloody beetroots (the things that happened to me--i should probably tell someone...), i believe, had to be my absolute faves.
while i would love to divulge in every little detail, i'mma leave a bit of surkin for you all to stare at. he was mad cute and i couldn't believe the french kid was there..heheheh, he did look like some prepubescent boy or very young adolescent. it was kinda odd and i felt a little pedophilic despite the fact he's older than me.

kinda of blurry...but you can just imagine the kinda ecstasy emanating from his face. damn straight.