March 5, 2008

Rape alley: a macguffin

I admit it. Guys with biblical names, at times plain, attract me. All the damn Andrews, Davids, and Daniels recently..uuggghhhnn.
Admitting blogging fatigue is a rarity, but it’s quite true. There hasn’t been any great stuff that calls/screams/moans out to be recorded on the interweb (not including humorous phrases like “oh look at that triangle—what a slut!!”). Few things are occurring, however, and maybe a worthy topic once weekly/biweekly. Here has to be one of those things.
Camera practice in the rape alley was fun as was the crotch grabbing and exclamations of cuteness. Sexual assertiveness apparent throughout the rest of the day this occurred. Also, for some illogical reason, explaining how robots emerge from eggs instead of little baby birds induces laugher on the masses.
According to word on da street, kids, all the girlies are into coiffing their pubies into major shapes—stars, hearts, lighting bolts—or going all the way and flaunting a “bald” kitty. They throw in some rhinestones for good measure, too.

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