July 26, 2010

i'm so excited--all i cans do is Hide it

less than one week to go. unfinished business i'd like to attend to. upcoming post is all about my time here. expect epic essay style like when i kinda quit college in '08. i will be talking mad shit. like "this".

July 21, 2010

wiggle and Pull Out!

end of the semester! yesh! i spent most of my day reading the ________(insert school faculty member) from the black lagoon series--so nostalgic--and ricky ricotta. this activity made me long for my juvenile library housed in my room. i'm so gonna rere-read the phantom tollboth. what else have i been up to, you wonder? mmm, packing, i filled one suitcase and i'm sure it can take in a little more, and discovering these cute vids:

and this

i nearly od'd on paul rudd. his dancing in the earth costume = so adorable.
so ready to go home, back to palm trees and mexicans and acceptable television. one more week?? i know i can do it, but....

eghrh, it's gonna last FOREVA.

July 16, 2010

passing bye

I write like
James Joyce

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i don't believe it. this is not stream of consciousness or a fille based bildungs roman.
things i realised aujoud'hui: i have a week of work left and i mean, like, the length spans a real 7-day week (not just business days). Two, I have shitloads to pack and since i'm part of the elite slacker society i ain't done nothing (major) yet.
everything's going to happen like that [insert snap here].

and..i have to admit that i lied two posts ago about busan. this will be my *official* last time there this weekend.

July 14, 2010

I'm not good at these...will waving suffice?

It's over! Two schools down and one to go. One more week. Eesh. And then a whole 'nother week. EEEEE. But most of the stress is over. I can relax and worry about my main kids for the remainder of my time here; i can finally start developing that teacher-student relationship i promised i'd make five months ago with them.

Today didn't go exactly as i intended, namely sine i almost thought that english class was cancelled because my 1st & 2nd students were about 20 mins late. at least half of the period was gone so i could just review by showing them creepy bug pictures and treat them to a pink panther episode. Grades 3 & 4 was almost the same situation...and i just let them draw, eventually showing this classic towards the end of class. etc. i had also planned to give ALL of my students mini, *super mini*, gift "bags" filled with stickers and candy. i only gave one out..and one girl thought it was trash. that made me feel so sad.
i spent so much time making them last night~~~!!

oh well.

enjoy this last day of cuteness and quite possibly my ass. unedited for your pleaaasssuree.

one thing i could never get: how the fuck was it that the school i worked the earliest always had me home the latest and vice versa for the school i worked latest at?

July 11, 2010

Wiggy wack

so.i think i saw the majority of my family in busan for the last time. it was rainy and somber and funny when the wig got cut/we watched shrek. i really should have gotten my hair did too, but i don't know if the lady would've known what i wanted..anyway. one cousin went on a spur of the moment-seeming trip to japan and i had intended to give her some stuff and tell her the new interesting shit in my life...ehh. whatevs. i think i'll be missing mr. kindergarden-bread. this is the second time i've seen him and..yeah, quite humorous.

my last week at two schools begins! i don't know...i feel so much more relieved than sad with the exception of the one kindergarten class.
i'm relishing the moments when people are too shy to speak to me in english, but turn out to be genuinely talented in the language. emphasis on the latter.

July 4, 2010

limited Edition Orgy t-shirts, exclusive access

foreign fourth of july take dos. it wasn't great; no fireworks or bbqs to say the least--i didn't get to eat anything at all/minutely delicious until after 7pm. that was truly unintentional. i think i'm getting ill again. i don't know what happened...it just feels like something is constantly caught in my throat.
so about this weekend. it didn't start off so well on friday, i think, because i kinda got ditched then got lost for a while in a drizzly seoul. friday night was nice. before i got tired and was feeling gross from the rain/humidity combo. meeting people was nice. especially ones i had never seen before in my life. that was great, really. things happened, not exactly what i had thought would, but...stuff did occurred. i just thought it might end up with another at the time. hmmmm.
after two or three hours of sleep it was off to the mud thing which i didn't take part in. i felt extremely dirty the whole day. ....a good weekend overall, maybe. all because of the orgies.

i was pleasantly surprised seoul's weather and sky was marvelous on sunday. what a nice time i woulda had sauntering about if i had gotten up earlier. instead i got two ridiculously itchy bug bites on my left ankle.