December 31, 2008

know nothing, no?

uh, it feels like a regular normal day. it is. long day. who knew major grocer chains were ever more restricting about their damn coupons? well, lemme give a nice sum of my time spent in 2008. really, truly, it wasn't that great (as i predicted).

it started out rather awful and bland and devious, leaving me rather upset through the early months of the year. i'm still rather distraught and lonely. probably the most lonely year i've suffered through thus far (there will be others, but i haven't met 'em yet so..what more can i say?).
the upside of the year were the intriguing and beguiling musical ventures i experienced. that was good shit. for the most part. (oh tlsp. that were a good cute time.)
uh..also some of the school stuff, surprisingly, was decent. met some people. made short films, watched long films (kubrick-ified and coppola'd or foreign), and almost got tired of sex. almost. learned how to accept the eventual destruction of the surface of the earth and death. enjoyed early morning bob dylan, 69, and russian stories. did some crack 'o caine in the maths. mmms. better than what i woulda thought. arduous, yet entertaining.
cartoons/animated things were wonderfulness albeit a sad waste of time
i'm still a bum.

yeah. i aspire to complete close to nothing tomooorrow.
happy new nen. in, like trois heures pour moi.
oui, je parle français quelquefois.
そして日本語 を 話す も。

December 26, 2008


well, it was cold. and, besides my contracted illness, sneezing & sniffling from an overload of foreign pet fur/dander. it was fun. ate some good ol' filipino ka'in as well as other foods. it was difficult to resist the eggrolls. watched and later played left 4 dead. intense, but not as frightening as i would've thought (tiring of zombies? ..i still enjoy the fresh flesh consumption and psychology behind them). gift-giving, some based on secret santa, and more video games (mirror's edge. i thought it was good graphically before..and it's amazing although difficult). that was all christmas eve into the day 'cuz we stayed at that party 'til almost three.

we returned the next day for more food and i watched more game-play--i could no longer follow the story. drove around to places we once frequented. for dinner we went to see some family friends i hadn't seen/had contact with since ten years ago. that was rather frightening. most of what i saw consisted of drastic changes and "maturity". it was plain weird. ...anyway! here are some winter related pictures to delight y'all with.

ok. i totally know this doesn't look wintry or xmas related's kinda funny. and it was taken during this time.

it's nice to be home now.
why does everyone have a wii?

December 22, 2008

ohohohoh. mehlee holidayz/

it's cold here in illinois. it's the damn windchill deal that's doing me in. that and the illness i've contracted. i am sick. really and it's awful during this time of almost jolliness. here are some nonsense things i've been doing to kill the time:

i call it "short-lived happy holidayed hat: a trio". mmmm. laaaammmeee. oh course it's difficult to have a decent time in here without some kinda vehicle to jet around in. as well as the fact that it's cold enough to freeze yer tits off outside doesn't help either. this stuffy "hotel" room is getting rather cramped and boring and too cold or too hot and blubber inducing (i am no longer native! i don't need it!) and i'm getting tired of k-mart.
on the flipside here there appear to be some decent looking guys here. not as nicely dressed, but, y'know, okay.

December 17, 2008

the stagnant progression! i owe gifts!!

Finals are over!! oh jesus, i never thought fall semester would ever end gah. it was a decent bit--met some interesting people (ahh hahaha..indeed, geology provided intriguing distractions within my vicinity). I'm glad. i be sooo totally ready to relax and ruminate (as well as fix) my predicament of being a bum. not literally, i mean like a person bum..not the slang or what have you referring to the body part on the person. i'm not totally excited about the "holidays". blegh. i wish i could say more.

December 3, 2008

Inverse Function and Eckman Spiral Dance off!!

SOOOO. I hain't been 'round here for a while. I apologize--i got busy and got entangled in deadlines that ended up being meaningless to me.
My thanksgiving..was decent. It got nicer when i was surprised by the arrival of and meeting with mes amies. that was funz. then...back bogged down with all the crap i forgot to do..eeeyesh.
It's December, no? Exciting! the fall semester of school is almost over....god, i can hardly believe it. If you recall, two years ago i went somewhere for the holidays and i intend to do so this year, to the same place. Refresh your memories by checking out the '06 archives. There will undoubtedly be wonderful pictures to gander at, i suppose. whatever else, then.
oh, yes. have i mentioned my other upcoming tttrrripp in march? i haven't? oh, i'm ever so sorry to have forgotten.. allow me to announce: i'll be in oxford, england for, um..about three months. all the people aware of my upcoming jaunt have been gushing over english boys.

....that truly is a variable to consider.