March 18, 2009

an electronically dependent faces the Old World. Plans!

third time i've accessed internet in about a week. my god..i can't believe it since i'm usually on everyday except for the weekends but even then...when i get bored and i wanna check if somethings's been's great. im in some coffee place at the moment and it's rather chill. i just really dislike that there's this time limit on the wi-fi access. and i'm totally stressing over planning to go to dublin. seriously. it's so fucking last minute.

March 15, 2009

void of the uncertainties and considerations.

been here for about a week really ain't that bad. i caught a cold much like when i was in chicago, but it wasn't so bad since my recovery time was way faster. i don't understand's probably because it isn't nearly as cold (no snow or or awful windshields). the recent weather has been pleasant considering the sun is actually out the whole day.

March 5, 2009

Ready yet?

Basically befuddled over what i've been doing for the last five hours: packing things for about the next three months of my existence in the u.k./europe. it's too stressful and time-consuming worrying about what to pack and how much of it and if it's still within regulation to take...

i'm off to do more..

and the answer is "no".