October 5, 2008

n. the prime example of a cute badass motherfucker ... & detour

My saturday was banging. SO SO FUCKING for REAL. i went to the detour thing in l.a. It was rather decent. The most annoying thing had to be the kids/relatively younger crowd screaming odd praises to musicians (ie: at the cut copy set--"Oh my jizzle--Dan Whitford is so hot! His hair is so hot! I wanna stick my dick in his golden locks! I totally want him to fuck me! With, like anything! Even crisco and a shotglass!"). speaking of cut copy, i wasn't impressed with their set: they started late and dan was really singing off-key for the first couple of songs...however it got acceptable and literally hopping. for some reason don't that sound a little of there? the presets what followed them were much, much better from the get-go.
here are some pictures...i guess..hahahahaha..uh.

that's noah and the whale, afternoons (oh my gosh! three timez already), and cut copy respectively.
i saw a helluva lotta other acts..datarock was the funniest..surkin and the bloody beetroots (the things that happened to me--i should probably tell someone...), i believe, had to be my absolute faves.
while i would love to divulge in every little detail, i'mma leave a bit of surkin for you all to stare at. he was mad cute and i couldn't believe the french kid was there..heheheh, he did look like some prepubescent boy or very young adolescent. it was kinda odd and i felt a little pedophilic despite the fact he's older than me.

kinda of blurry...but you can just imagine the kinda ecstasy emanating from his face. damn straight.

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