January 31, 2012

mew two all, a grim ant.

The first month is over. Maaan. One thing I have contemplated recently is doing posts dedicated to a certain topic, a specific one, in the vein of the only blog i have no shame admitting i follow because it is so gotdang good and universally appealing.
I want to reveal aspects of my life that I can't easily bring myself to discuss with anyone..for reasons i refuse to disclose in this space. but if i ever get close enough to somebody (in the span of days, months, years, lifetimes), that person will develop a better understanding regarding these personal matters..and get to hear the droning of my awesome voice. because it's so good.
these thinkings are best expressed through "writing". it comes out clearer, i think.
i'm planning to make this a, umm, occasional thing, a post to look forward to with some coherency.

January 25, 2012


There was something unsettling in the lecture hall this afternoon. Besides watching that video with that guy getting beaten..oh, what was it? maybe that was what it was.

and it was major raining.
i LURVED it. today would have turned out super better if only i got wet more.
Like that one time when my thighs got soaked. Mmmmm.

So, this is actually what I think I meant for the last post. Wait.
This is exactly what I meant last time. it's in a book so you know these things are real, other people experience it too.

i'm not alone.

yeah, all right. whilst browsing the grand ol' internets i found this shirt.

and i would totally wear it. specious. illogical.
most of the sizes were sold out as indicated in my little image there.
but i'd still wear it.

January 22, 2012

Leave me want in MOR

This is a dilemma. Why do these yearnings happen to me at the most inopportune times? For the most inappropriate people?

This is probably the third person I've developed feelings for in this manner. The original impression is one of grotesque repulsion..that morphs into a sense of pity and...ridiculous wanting. Very, very, very dumb desire.
I'm a little eager to be ending up alone.
And concerned about how quickly I make irrational judgments.

Also, I am obsessed with this right now: Movies re-imagined for another time and place. Leonard Nimoy as John McClane and Trainspotting directed by Godard? YES.
I'm in the process of developing a time altering or traveling apparatus to make this shit happen.

January 8, 2012

If you're into it

current obsessions:

)the vaccines-wetsuit

)this 'musician'

Taragana Pyjarama. His name makes me think of tarragon pajamas. Additionally, he is quite cute.

)old-timey sex

)campy underwear (courtesy of victoria's secret which i only ventured into because i was sent a gift card that i did not want to put to waste).

When does one don a thing such as this? I was seriously attracted to the sparkly, pink hearts.
i could use a less offensive brassiere, though, in a blindingly neon colour or with some other ridiculous all-over print.

that's about the limit to my excitement so far. yeeeaaahh.

January 1, 2012

happy New Year, to you

you've got new stuff to do:
lose some weight, keep eye contact,
teach some cats to say, "moo".

it's now 2012.