December 22, 2008

ohohohoh. mehlee holidayz/

it's cold here in illinois. it's the damn windchill deal that's doing me in. that and the illness i've contracted. i am sick. really and it's awful during this time of almost jolliness. here are some nonsense things i've been doing to kill the time:

i call it "short-lived happy holidayed hat: a trio". mmmm. laaaammmeee. oh course it's difficult to have a decent time in here without some kinda vehicle to jet around in. as well as the fact that it's cold enough to freeze yer tits off outside doesn't help either. this stuffy "hotel" room is getting rather cramped and boring and too cold or too hot and blubber inducing (i am no longer native! i don't need it!) and i'm getting tired of k-mart.
on the flipside here there appear to be some decent looking guys here. not as nicely dressed, but, y'know, okay.

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