November 9, 2008

une magnifique semaine...ええ! yes! oh, yeah!

This week was--i'm being brutally honest here--amazing. I can give thee three reasons why..

The Last Shadow Puppets

i just can't get enough of that sweet, sweet, sweet alex turner. if you watch through this jarring version of "the meeting place" you can see miles and alex come together (hahahaha...foreign on stage jizzing!! the newest craze~!) towards the end, alternately glancing in the direction of my camera. at the absolute end alex waves and appears to be looking straight into my cam. oooh. i couldn't believe it. sorry for the odd, horizontal angles. it was difficult to shoot with all those people moving about and pushing me everywhere.

Barack Obama

this was first time i voted...i finally registered (after having two years to do so), but almost didn't get the opportunity to vote. i was all stressed i wouldn't get to take part in it..lucky for last minute mail. you can read the previous post for more on the next president of the u.s. mm. quelle historique, non?

The Dodos

waited for quite the while.It was a nice time. Very odd things were seen and said (the breaking and general oddness of instruments). i wish that they had played park song..but the songs they did grace us with were spectacular. i thought i might have more to say... it was just very, very good. a nice way to end the week, i think.

in all honesty, isn't it just the strangest combination? i mean with the while political thing in the middle?
i wish more of my weeks turned out like this.

November 4, 2008

My kinda guy

I suppose i promised a recap post of tlsp, but i have more pertinent subjects to discuss at the moment. i voted today. my first time--and i almost didn't get to because my registration almost didn't get processed in time...luckily i got a letter saying i was a-ok to go to the polls and get meself heard. SO, Barack Obama is the next president of the united states. yeah. i voted for him.

just watched his speech. it was graciously modest yet poignant. there was one point in there where i thought he was gonna quote the sam cooke song, a change is gonna come. at any rate, it definitely is on its way.

i feel a little bit better about identifying and actually calling myself an american.

November 3, 2008

The time Has come Again

The day's finally here. Oh fucking shit. i have relatively low expectations so i can hopefully be wowed outta my socks. oohh, i can't believe it. Overall, i'm still excited. I will regale you with my night out later if i haven't died from the fineness emanated from the person/people i see. it's probably a good bit radioactive.