August 31, 2009

this Could be It.

it is the end of august. school started for some people today, but i'm still free until tomorrow morning. at 7 AM. i'm ... excited? a whole day of "learning" to look forward to, eh?
the fires in southern CA are quite close to the place i inhabit. check out this smoke from right about now:

looks like mini atomic bomb went off. mountains are supposed to be there. everything is obscured by the smoke and you can see the the bright fires burning in the distance ant night.

and i guess i'll be thinking about how this was a real deadbeat summer.

August 17, 2009

drooling Nonstop

i had no idea this existed. i haven't been this excited about anything related to this since '06.

oh goooodd. did you see the part when the guys are walking back to their car in the desert kinda place and it has that fast-forwarded effect that turns slow-mo? ahhhh~!!

that wasn't how i found out, though. this was the initial discovery:

it was full on bloody nose and uncontrollable's rather shameful.
that's all of what i wanted to share. this will be a little obsession i will harbor. i don't even remember how i stumbled upon it in the first place...searching for stuff from final fantasy viii? i think so.
ohh. i am relapsing so bad.

August 15, 2009

is it just Me?

or do these kinda sound the same?

crying lightning VS. ookami otoko no Uta

well? well? there are similar elements in the songs, i think.
i'm also positive starfucker and neon indian are in cohoots together, like, collaborating or..have teamed up.
wait. you want to know what happened since i mentioned "ehhh" in the saigo no posto (last post)?

mmm, it was decent. it was the best towards the end, for me, and not just because i was going to be home sooner. i connected and met some was nice.
otherwise, still pondering about the future, regrettably, and other very stupid thoughts.

that usually include boys. that are cute. and around my age. ?

August 5, 2009

hopped up on PCP

not particularly looking forward to the next 7-8 days. it's difficult to pinpoint the exact issue that's making it seem unbearable. enhhh. i'll be trudging through the mud to emerge on the other side dirty and ultimately still inexperienced. digression: i am proud of my new found superhero ability to force conversation--it was discovered when i wasn't in america and has been rapidly diminishing since my return, but this upcoming thing should help bring it back, sadly.
and i fucking hate my haircut. it's a shitty job of a trim, i tell you what.

also, add neon indian to the things i can't get enough of. it's fucking amazing up there along with crocodiles and drugs.

August 2, 2009

hot damn! The time for idolization passes..on

three years since i started this thing! amazing! this was originally contrived to harbor my sadness as a result of leaving all my nice overseas study friends. hmm. i suppose it's been generally true to its purpose..with explosive and bland side-effects. also, i have been studying some japanese again and it's surprising when i realize that i can understand more than i'd like to remember. it's odd. other things! i have discovered this nice little music delight known as yojiro toyama. it's very delightful and refreshing and i adore his voice. i..don't know. i guess i was tired of the nonchalant charm that has been oozing from the likes of those suave-y european boys (oh alex turner..what a disappointment you are) or the casual brashness of those american kids. try it..

yojiro toyama: attacked

oh. so now you're asking, "what else can't this person get enough of?"
well, i'm obliged to tell you that it's probably jarvis cocker (hold still), sparta locals (stay dreamer), and ummmm...sitting outside to read in the sun.
enjoyable. and time consuming in a passive manner. that's the way i likes it.