December 31, 2011

final toasts

it's the end of the year! as you can see i'm celebrating élégamment with champagne and a nostalgic, somewhat anger-inducing drink. très classy, for sure. i'll probably go out on the balcony and reflect my life thus far.
any hopes for the upcoming, like, expecting anything spectacular?? i know i'm ...not, particularly.

December 30, 2011


the last friday of the year. this evening should be dedicated to parties. serious parties.

of which i am not in attendance.

December 28, 2011

c'est une rafolie!

ridiculous sightings:
chicken boy.

hot, demonic clown cheesy puffs.

chocolate covered kale..

why does justin bieber wrapping paper exist?


jake can be anything.

I'm going through this pokemon phase again. I'm disturbed by the fact that there are so many new pokemon, most that look so absurd and uncool...and kids still go crazy for them.

if i were five, this is the stuff i'd lust after..

batman! !!!

and presumably friends and enemies.

December 25, 2011

these holiduds

Christmas is upon us yet again. Well, there isn't really anything to stop it; attempts to usurp or destroy Santa haven't exactly been executed properly in the past and then there are other..things to deal with that aren't quite fictional. I don't know about this year, if there was anything to look forward to that was worth the wait or trouble...but maybe that can be said about anything that i've gone through. It's been wrought with disappointment and stress in general. No matter what I do, this year especially, I was overcome with things that caused me to worry, to actually cry in the company of strangers (or usually, how it's done, alone), and i was incapable of just trying to brush it off.

yes. that's a santa sitting in someone's porch.

This is not so much a christmas post, per se, but sort of an early reflection. The end of every year, I would say after I graduated from secondary school, causes me to wonder what I'm good for, what future awaits me, my purpose for existence. I'm here. I need to know why.
Or at least make up a why.

December 20, 2011

way of being

There's something in the air.

Doing things I've not done in a long while is refreshing.
Suffering from a bit of the ennui as well. I sadly miss the institution and its people.

December 11, 2011

The most wonderful?

After it all, I still feel nauseous; there's elation, but an impending fear, the dread of what's to come because i fucked up so hard last time. Shit. The greatest release came with but a small sense of satisfaction. No, wait. There was nothing satisfying about it. I couldn't let myself go completely. My expectations were so high.

It was sorely disappointing.

And the red-nosed. bearded, jolly head of Christmas-time is rearing it's head this way. Meh. I put up the tree today (the same tree from when I was five..or around that age). Suspecting it will be lonely. Without those electric-light lawn flamingoes to keep me company. Ah. Here are some interesting things.
Because, you know, people need to see these things.

It's a kermit orgy! or..some sort of masturbatory affair? I think I'm a little too much into the muppets after seeing that free screening of the lastest movie last month. I mean, I watched the muppet christmas carol (Michael Caine and Raymond Coulthard were quite cute i 1992) and i'm currently watching muppets from space. It's not bad. There are references from pop culture back when those sort of things were popular (dawson's creek, mice=spice girls, "the american way"). Yeah.

I thought this looked a little like Nemo, or maybe his mom.

I want the full size version of this.

Solidifying my obsession with wayfarers. My profound fascinations with frames. Freaky note: I'm missing a pair of glasses that belong in the front row there.

December 6, 2011

Hardcore is not enough... Anymore

Pbs is the greatest godsend.

Watch Interview with Milos Karadaglic on PBS. See more from SOUND TRACKS.

If not the greatest distraction.