August 10, 2012

Too due

here's to hopeless wishful thinking i'll get to have fun before fall hits (or a list of things i'd like to do by then):

-watch a film in a theater(i don't mean the one where i've been working at..unless there's something good showing. the couches there sure look comfy.)
-visit a dog
-pranzare a un ristorante buono
-see buddy holly again. at least once. ... who am i kidding?? i want the weekly hangouts back!
-find a way out of this country
-girl talk*
-art museum
-long walks to nowhere
-be "happy"

i'm going to do as many of these things as possible. that most likely entails i'll be going alone. ... hmm, it's not like i ever do things with other people anyway.
you need not be a girl to engage in this sort of talk with me, but the dynamics of this specific talk should be understood.

August 7, 2012

ain't misberating

these past two days were extremely productive! it distracted me from the harrowing thoughts flooding my brain recently. i have eruditely acquired too much information on how a certain language should work and i'm quite pleased with the results. this needs to get done.
there are still bouts of anxiety.

replace "girl" with "boy".

August 5, 2012


i wish you would call.