June 30, 2011

i don't remember what I'll be doing in the future.

it's the end of the month! summer is about...maybe 1/3 over? ooohh. there's still so much warm weather things i need to do..alas, i've still gotta be worrying about homework and tests. i'm rather relieved right now as i just finished taking mega test (no lies, it was とても難しい) and going through an ordeal of an oral test. yo. get yo mind out that gutter.
so. after doing more homework, napping, and eating some cinnamon toast crunch ('cuz you know that's the best cereal ever) i thought to myself, i thought, "i need to devote some time to my blog. the damn thing has been around for nearly five years or so and, dagnabit, i haven't been giving it some sugar like i used to."
here i am, then. um. i guess i can talk about some stuff. i don't really want to mention shit about school since..that's, like, the only thing that's usually on here. stuff on my mind, then.

ok! i have something interesting and a li'l intellectual to talk about. i recently read a myth in that mini western myth anthology-like thing i had to read when i was a senior in high school. this particular myth, oddly enough, i never chanced to read before and it scared the shit out of me (ah, i think i was reading this other story that referenced a similar event happening so i was inclined to check the original out). turns out dionysus had these female followers called maenads who were totally ..kinda crazy? They were unaware of and uncontrollable over their actions and would kill or maim or whatever else had you--kinda like the berserk effect in final fantasy games. yeah and they would rip people apart..like the king of thebes in the certain myth i was reading about. can you imagine...

ok. remember how i'm, like, nearly insanely obsessed with REGULAR SHOW? i was looking around for music from the show and i stumbled upon this blog.
i was excited. there's such awesome, funny, odd stuff on there..
maybe next month will be more fruitful and i'll remember what i was supposed to do.

June 22, 2011


hey. after only, like, two real classes of summer school i feel totally spent--like, y'know, my brain has already overloaded with new fangled vocabulary and grammar. what the h? i learned most of it before so all this is like a manual reboot for my brain. so weird because my mouth tends to work faster than my brain in dire circumstances. at least i'm kinda making friends? well, willingly, perhaps.

with all the time i have being used up for mostly learning, there is little room for error in making the best of my breaks. thus i have turned to TV on the internet. i guess over the past few months i've been watching cartoonnetwork whenever i'm in the vicinity of a tv where i am in control of the clicker. and all i've been watchin, 'cuz i'm lucky that it's always on, is REGULAR SHOW. oh my, i haven't been this excited about a cartoon targeted for a younger audience since, uh...the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, i think. seriously, though, this animation clearly has older people themes/relevances. of course it's all subtle and things are substituted with kid-friendly stuff (eg: beer=soda). i was so shocked when i heard mordecai and rigby saying, "crap" and "pissed" and...(i'm so probably sure) "damn" 'cuz i was totally thinking kids are watching this, knowing those might be some offensive words, but at the rate at which english is being desecrated these days...in MY day, that language was reserved for cartoons only on the comedy central/[a s]/primetime local TV kinda place. i mean, i wasn't suspecting it. i can't stop watching it---sooo amazing. i have a brain crush on mordecai, but rigby is adorable and pops is just old-timey weird that i giggle everytime he breaks out dancing and...OH MAN.

yeah. i'm kinda obsessed right now.

hahaha.."we need more guests with breasts and i ain't talkin' 'bout mine."

June 4, 2011

Procrastinator II: the return

it's the weekend before finals! oh my god, i have too much shit to deal with that isn't even academic and it's stressing me out to the max. i just had a final this morning, as a matter of fact, but it wasn't, like too difficult i felt like dying when i saw what was on it. the thing was just a, you know..a major bitch since it was on a SATURDAY morning. oh. that reference reminds me of the times i used to do SATs and that sort of stuff. that was a real long time ago, when i think about it. maaaannnn...i don't want to be dealing with this even though it's seriously gon'be over right quick. what i'm worried about the most is this paper for one of my classes (seems every quarter i have to produce something of college-level writing relating to the course) that i haven't really started and it's worth a shitload of my total grade. dammit, i thought i told myself i was gonna start these sort of papers earlier. i'm still not entirely sure what i'll be writing about, too..AH ME GODS.
i'm looking forward to days when i feel like this. but that requires a bit more extroversion.
i think i'm going to cry in the corner over there and then start studying for my grammar police entrance exam (no lies, syntax makes you an official officer for real verbal offenses) and stress over my seemingly-never-to-be-started paper. i'm sure i'll get it done in time, it's just gonna be hell.