July 31, 2009

[Bl]and what? a summer travesty

it's the last day of july! oh shitts. and next week i have to go off to some wedding that i'm not to keen on now (no, no, it isn't mine. there prolly ain't nobody who's gonna spend the rest of their life with me). this post really serves no poignant purpose and i'm not even going to bring up stuff from the past. i guess. however, i'm sadly realizing that summer is slowly decaying away...i've wasted it for the most part and i'm spending my days in anguish. i think they get worse every year...except maybe 2006. that was some genuine fun, if i recall. nothing like that nowadays, it's just the monotony of this country of where i am of who i don't know.

i really want to make this long. more unnecessary and eclectic typing: i have been watching the first season of the venture bros. and listening to the commentary. it's very erratic and tangential, usually, regarding whatever is happening in the episode at the time. it's not something i'm used to, having also been watching dvds of old simpsons episodes and listening to that commentary. they explain stuff and then again, i haven't heard what doc hammer and jackson publick have said about episodes in the other seasons. yet. bored out of mind otherwise and this isn't a particularly great outlet.
not nearly long enough! oh god.
lack of it. of all of it.
i'd like to have a good massage.

July 20, 2009

Opening your big Mouth

there are some things i am just not suited for. right now i feel like a just minted pubescent of the female sort who just had a baby, but wishes she hadn't. you know what i mean. i'm not too ashamed to say i don't want the thing, in this scenario it will be more easily to get rid of without so much sentiment or trauma. i'd like to have things they way they was without the unnecessary stress.

yes, i am a minimalist when it comes down to love and affection. i can't be there all the time to make cuddles and soothe with my sweet voice. i can't do it..or i do it in a way that seems mean to the untrained eye. this is indeed an announcement of forthright regret and a cause of unhappiness. shit. i probably shouldn't have any children.

besides, i think you make me (physically) sick.
yeah. like you can totally understand this.
it's a little sad, though.

July 16, 2009

livin' then, lyin' now, ain't no reason to Stop us Now

i have bug bites again and they're in unfavorable places. it's obscene where these creatures are sucking me. why is my blood so tasty? i've already done a reference. aren't you proud for figuring that out?
uhm. i've planned most of everything out for fall. which is upcoming and not something at all to look forward to. i'm surprised i was able to have a two-day school week; of course it's about ten hours per day, but i have a four day weekend and midweek break. more time to frolic about being incompetent. unless i get a job (plausible) or volunteer (perhaps i need to) or become an intern or work on college applications (most likely, then). i can't fucking believe i've gotta go through this shit for a second time and i'm not even going to grad school yet. it's hell and i promised my li'l teenaged self that i wouldn't have to suffer again. well, i'm definitely a liar. now that we've established that, won't you please peruse through the older posts to see if you can decipher the true from false?
and, yes, i'm part of the crew interested in la roux these days. who can possibly resist "growing pains" or any of those delicious dancey synths? or the crroooning.

July 7, 2009

a p.y.t. never can say Good-bye

i've already shared my sentiments regarding Micheal Jackson; if not on the previous post then somewhere else i have immediate access to. the memorial deal in l.a. was..excessive, but necessary for the sake of mj. he's that kinda guy. well, i don't have any opinion on the matter..another ordinary day with extravagant events going on without me.
not too perturbed.

July 4, 2009

Celebrating the Expected with boomtime

the premiere july post. are you excited? what was the last thing i was talking about the last time i was here...? uh..lists of whatever my interests were, right? ok. i am aware of the holiday in the u.s. not much to look forward to except the fireworks, but nothing hands on like back in the day or in that part of the country.

well then, i haven't been up to anything wonderful. i just found out we were supposed to go to another wedding the same week as the one we already knew about. plans were made to maybe go, but it was way costly. Michael Jackson died when i was in illinois. i heard about from cnn or something when flicking through the channels on the tv. my earliest memories of him were from an alvin and the chipmunks VHS where he was singing along with alvin (to beat it?). he definitely showed up farrah fawcett's death.
been reading again. i recently finished the odyssey, my fifth time going through the epic, and i have to say that i really enjoyed it. Homer's story is a good summer escape. You start reading and get transported to the Mediterranean sea, right next to Odysseus fleeing cannibals, visiting the dead, making offerings to the gods, braving monsters while your friends get eaten, getting seduced and held captive by godesses, and exacting revenge. i couldn't get enough..partly because there really wasn't anything to do and i wasn't eager to use the computer to entertain myself (i didn't really have one anyway). it was a nice transition after reading the iliad. i actually knew who they were talking about, in some cases, when they listed all these names of people and their relations. i was amazed. anyway, these two homer epics totally cut into my initial reading of a tree grows in brooklyn. i'm still into that. yes. not as exciting, but it's good.
ah yes, went to chicago to the taste, which had free entry but food was quite expensive.

um. saw one of my best friends in the world who i haven't heard from in nearly 16 years.
end? for now?