October 31, 2007

HO-HUM halloween

So much for the idea of a Halloween post. This year I haven't seen anything particularly scary in a botched hollywood film attempt, but there have been some people that just look so questionable (are they monsters? ghosts? serial killers? Oh, I shudder at the idea).

I've decided to dress up as well. On Halloween. I'm not about to go trick-or-treating; I'm channeling the days when I used to go and the prospect of receiving candy supposing that people know what the fuck I'm dressed up as. Ah yes, I have neglected thus far to mention who I'm decked out as: Han Solo!!
I don't think that I'm a "closet" Star Wars fan, as my cousin aptly put it, because I will ardently admit my unrequited admiration of the primary trilogy. The original three. Yeah.
I don't think any of the people who saw me knew who I was, besides the few that I decided to tell. How uneventful.

Halloween this year isn't great. I can't exactly say why, but it just feels as if something is missing or--I don't know. I've also got all this shit to do (ie: reading and essay typing. DROLL). I need me some Bruce Campbell.

October 24, 2007

A Celebration, Retrocized

A monumental feat has been accomplished (aside from sticking to this for over year)—50th post! Yay! Where’s the confetti and fireworks? Well, I guess that would be a waste of festivity products since this is an unknown project being conducted by a daft creature. Oh, woe to the troubles that inflict my life.
I have been experiencing a longing of home—my real home, not L.A., not anywhere in California, but back in the good ol’ city, usually under the radar of hipness (…there’s just not that much hype connected to it as, say, NYC or, indeed, the one-dimensional LA or, dare I mention another thing in CA…SF), Chicago. My god. I wish I had explored the crevices and bowels of the city…the knowledge I would have gained if I had never arrived in this land of fire and fakery. So many things that I’ve been missing…if only I was more of a diligent, enthusiastic kid back in my high school days.

I affirmed my thing for Grant Imahara of MythBusters last weekend.

OH. no idealism, please. There have been a few 'Grants' I've been intrigued by in the last couple of weeks...

More retrospecting: I am currently reading The Phantom Tollbooth, a reminder of fourth grade. I was just thinking about what went on in the book so I decided to reread it among all the other texts I’ve gotta read for schools (Oh, Père Goriot, you unfortunate coot). TPT is utterly clever. There are so many puns and interesting uses of metaphors and plays on words & ideas. Me and Milo, folks, we have the same ideals...although I don't think mine will change at the end of the book as I speculate his will.

All right.

I'm off to wallow in freakish misery. forever.
i'm no humperdinck, though.

October 18, 2007

[if you ever fall in love, don't show it]

That title there is from Père Goriot. Balzac uses so much imagery to exemplify the realism that should be apparent in a novel. It's quite insane-like, yet also amusing when it's something humorous or pertaining to yourself. That's not relating to me at the moment, though.
Something quite strange today (other than realizing I had a creepy dream last night), most of the conversations I've had have pertained to something that's occurred in my life...to a degree. Or perhaps some issue that has surfaced at some point or another during my existence. I found that rather freaky.

Ok, so in my dream there were these truly strange umbrella plants that actually looked like fucking umbrellas that are open and laid on their sides. like that. I don't understand the environment that I was wallowing through.

October 14, 2007

A Midsummer Night's Cream

Please, please tell me that the title there sounds like a porno. Seriously. Shakespearean porno--the Bottom guy with the donkey head and all those fairies and the rest there (Hermia, Lysander, Helena, Demetrius)--I think it's probably been done. If not someone should definitely do it. If I have time I'll try to work on that.

It's not like I was thinking about porn...I just saw that it was an episode title for New Scandinavian Cooking. An ANDREAS VIESTAD episode!! Mmm, I remember the first time I was watching the Scand Cook show and he was on it and he ate the food he cooked on a fjord.

That's really funny, though, the show title. Oh, those Northern Europeans..

I don't know. I finished all the "sides" and it looks quite nice on my wall here. And I watched the wombats in a lift which I thought was strange, yet intriguing. Other than that, I have nothing else to record. I really want to cook. I just want to.

October 13, 2007

& if there was Ever reason to believe otherwise...!!

Yeah. I have been reliving the nights of karaoke in the semi-slums of Usuki. Those were relatively great times and now it hasn't been that great. I am not significantly tipsy at all. I could really go for a bit of the whiskeys and the ume wine and the...regrettably warm light beer. Like...a lot of a bit. On the other hand, there was someone in the local area of this occurrence that apparently can't hold the liquor. AHEM-HEM. I guess that it takes a bit of time..I can't exactly recollect the first time I did it, but I took it all like a, um..."man", so to say, I guess. God. I fuckin' wish for the good times with Mac and Addy...that was the awesomest shit ever.

I wonder if she'll remember all the things tomorrow. There's this list--actually tangible evidence!!--of most of the weirdest quotes she's said and done. I can't wait...and I really wish that there were other cool people like the 'shroom and beast to hang avec...singing some queen (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, bitches!!11) and dancing.

I don't really feel like ending this right now so maybe I'll just mouth off some mores..I'm listen to Led Zepp and thinking of all the awesome things. Shit, it's crazy good right now. Which reminds me of Brock Samson. And I consequently think of Patrick Warburton and then family guy and then Seth MacFarland and then Robot Chicken and Star Wars. There's some nice linkage in there, I hope. Yeah, now I kinda feel like ending soon.

Oh shit. I forgot to mention the hot guy today!! He was coming out of the lecture hall where I have my one lecture and--just fucking amazing. He was sooooo ridiculously stunning. Then I lived through the rest of the day up until now. I didn't mean for this to be so long, but there are just some things that I kinda need to say before I explode. I've said most of what I want. HMMM. Here's some Syd Barrett. He was quite an awesome thing back in the day. This is a demi-tribute, I guess.

October 11, 2007

It came true--Something other than a birthday wish?

YAY! Another fucking year older. My last year as a teen--jeez, that's absolutely lovely. I FEEL OLD!!
Digress, digress.
What I mean to say is during the last post there was an event that actually related to the title of the whole thing--naked run! Not nearly, it was Yeah, I didn't do it, but maybe next time.
Digress, digress, again.
Yes. My birthday. Nothing too totally awesome today. Maybe tomorrow. And...still into klaxons, like, preposterously. Hoorah.

October 9, 2007

Nearly nude and On fire

Now, I just happened to watch this on my computer this evening. I wasn't expecting anything specific, I at least hoped it wouldn't be like the 'magick' music video, and the beginning of 'golden skans' totally blew me into the nether regions of the universe. That was just so--at the time & in my case--awesomely surprising. I really thought they were naked until i watched (that specific) part over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again (In all actuality not that many times). After that it wasn't that great...kinda weird with the ribbons and them cutting into some tablet holding light. It was captivating, but not even nearly as good as that part in the beginning after "...there will be nothing...only light". That was truly, truly some good stuff.

shit days.

October 5, 2007

To Understand an Epic

“She spread out her robe and he lay upon her, she performed for the primitive the task of womankind. His lust groaned over her; for six days and seven nights Enkidu stayed aroused,and had intercourse with the harlot until he was sated with her charms.”

Gilgamesh. Too difficult and strange to know what the hell's going on. He's some sort of 2/3 of a god king who does...stuff? I haven't any clue and..yes. There wasn't anything nice today, really, except a brown ,sticky surprise in the toilet. It was a horrifying experience. One of the most terrible things I've ever experienced. Ever. Don't feel like rambling. The end.

October 2, 2007

Randomizing the Modernation of Translation

I guess life here has been fine so far. Not so much stress yet (maybe come Thursday it might start). It's been relatively fun. There are some [new] sounds that I am totally into right now:

PAVEMENT! like, holy fucking shit. I love the "spit on a stranger" song. As well as a plethora of other songs (shady lane, gold soundz, my old fave~cut your hair). It's a good hunk of amazing for me at the moment.

RAZORLIGHT! I'm just listening to them now. So, I was originally hooked to the "who needs love" and now this other stuff has got me. For cereal, I'm smitten.

ART-SCHOOL! OK, okay, I already loved them to bits (oh RIKI KINOSHITA!!), but there was a moment of rekindling love this week. I can't pinpoint where exactly, but GOD, I listened to that "chloe", "evil", "skirt", "sharin no shita" and I was all, "LOB".

Yeah. Rereading 'The Odyssey' for, like, the fourth or fifth time ain't so great. Yet I am entranced by the gore.

This post has been so compartmentalized. And look at all that wasted space.