June 19, 2008

"Today was the best worst day of my life!"

Disneyland again and a Nevada weekend. Shit don't fly like that everyday.

June 16, 2008

Curse of the Andrews:
The hand of fate fucks me over

So today was the first day of summer school. My first class was 7:30 AM and lasted about 21/2 hours. Then some other classes later (one lasting 1 hour, the other about 2). It was just a long day with ridiculous gaps of time between all them. I guess out of all the guys from the classes that i had, i just happened to find one that looked ok (and not nerdy asian/wannabe gangsta asian). Alas, it was another andrew. So whaat the fuuuck is up with guys with that name?
You'd think I'd have more fascinating topics to discuss regarding my doings thus far, but it was really very much like regular life or whatever. saw lotsa people from high school or people i'd had classes with already. whole bunch of those, y'know, i don't know the phrase, but, you know...THOSE type of asian girls--the far too much americanized ones, i guess.

I changed the colours! Isn't it much more interesting to look at this shitty blog now? Try not to stare too long at the neonesqueness. You just might get a seizure.

June 13, 2008

Still trying to be Badass?

Yet another Friday falling on the thirteenth day of the month. Is is just me or does it seem like there's a helluva lot of these sorta scary/unlucky related days coming about? I suppose the only positive things coming out of today would be Beck playing somewhere here and something about crystal castles take two at the roxy tonite, though i won't be going to either. sorry for not being so ridiculously hip. i'm also very much poor and gasoline for automobiles cost major cash/transportation for me in general.
Not. Scary. At. All. Also, I am very into Late of the Pier. How odd. Is it a phase? Like the whole hot chip thing and calvin harris' "vegas" song? Too much digging of random firl and broken.

June 7, 2008

me and The Wombats

I know I've mentioned The Wombats for a while on my blog (perhaps most notably last year...during august). I don't exactly remember the first time i heard them (2006, maybe?), but i know for sure the first thing i listened to was "lost in the post". it was their band name that attracted me and i became undoubtedly hooked to the catchy lyrics and tunes ("party in the forest" won me over just because of a certain name heard throughout). All right. I missed my chance to see them last august. I tried to see them play in march (horribly thwarted), but managed to see them walking around outside. I didn't have the chance to go all the way to austin, texas to see them (and other awesome bands) at SXSW. So last night was redemption for all the shit i had to put up missing the wombats in the u.s. playing in places near me.

Ok. So i get outta the car. I stand like a ridiculous fool near the box office for the purchasing of a ticket. Crowd of people mysteriously around there and i'm thinking, "shit, are they all up to get some tix?" and i turn to the look to the right a bit. The first thing i notice is some guy who looks familiar and this other guy near him also looking mighty familiar..lo and behold! TORD AND DAN in real life TAKE 2! I seriously couldn't believe it. So i stood like an idiot watching people taking part in conversations with the two wombats. I'd like to believe they looked my way some and i got over it to go stand in line to buy tickets. Brief conversation with some girl regarding the t-shirt i was wearing at the time, doraemon if you care to know,and, lemme fast forward here [--ohh, waiting in line to get in--now waiting for the first act to get on...juvenile kids attempting hipness of sorts--] to the first band. In all honesty, I have no idea what they called themselves (i'm also too lazy to look it up, i guess) and i didn't think they were very good. The only vibes I got from them were metally Led Zeppelin wannabes who looked like a little bit like nirvana (well, like, three band guys were grungy). Sadly, i admit that i felt like bursting out in laughter during their set--i just didn't understand why they were there, i suppose. Band #2: Pop Noir. This was fairly better; it was more dancey and they were slightly better looking (the lead singer=bad ass version of ben from the tellers). In regards to the danciness: Some guy i had seen outside, who had quite the acceptable asian friend with him and was generally rather acceptable himself, shimmied his way close to stage, by me, and continued his shimmying--up against me no less! Also during the set, Mr. Bad-Ass Ben Look-a-Like danced across the stage (comparable to the way the teenagers guy did) and eventually went into the crowd to dance among--he rubbed up against me too! What the hells? Is it 'cuz of my ridiculously smooth arms? Is it? IS IT?? I must admit they are naturally ridiculously smooth, though...Anyway, another interesting aspect of Pop Noir was this weird pipey/woodwinded powered keyboard. That was pretty interesting. Indeed.

Shit, this is turning into some long rabble of irrelevant recounts that apparently have no relevance to what the main focus of this post is which is the wombats. So, here we go, were're getting to the good stuff, we're reaching the peak of orgasm, the high before o'd-ing, the onset of the cheeky, saucy, coquettish, crazy lads finally arrived when the curtains rose and all the young kids (probably girls specifically) squealed in anticipated delight. With my amazing psychic skills, I totally predicted this which really freaked me out, they opened with the "Tales of Boys, Girls, and Marsupials" a cappella.

CHECK IT OUT! MURPH! AHHH!! I much enjoyed the eccentric anecdotes shared between songs (ass-less axel rose pants on Tord). They played all the songs off the album, one i wasn't so aware of, and invited the crowd to grab each other's bottoms. I would've preferred that they play some of their older stuff, like "Summer Hit", "Derail and Crash", "We Don't Mean That Much", or "Caravan in Wales" but maybe those kids around me wouldn't know all those classic Wombats tunes. They ended with "Let's Dance to Joy Division" and it got major crazy with people clamoring on stage, including me. I danced the shit outta that song up there, mere inches from Matt (alas, i didn't touch him or whatever, there was also some guy who worked there trying to protect him or some shit like that). I regret not going around to Dan and Tord during my time on stage. My jamming got cut short when some huge-ass security guy grabbed my arm, pulled me to the side, and almost flung me off there. Scary shit.

Here is a picture of the event described above (me on stage, picture taking, while the security guy was dragging me off). All in all great fun. Mincey was there! Tord kinda high-fived me (he backtracked just to get to me)! Mmm. More free stuff too: poster AND sticker.

June 1, 2008

Minions!!! It's time for my SMOOOOTHIEE!! of DOOOOM!!

I am excited for tonite. Not cuz i'm going to an awesome show or cuz i'mma be snorting up/shooting down at a serious party or cuz i gotta meet up with a cute boy for some good times. I will, unpredictably, be at home faithfully awaiting the premiere of THE VENTURE BROS. season 3.

It's been too damn long since I've gotten me some fresh episodes (uh..like two years. 2!!).
If anyone knows me, and there are few out there that do, i'm kinda very much a cartoon enthusiast. I've been raised on the animated shows you've only heard about and wished you've seen. That's right. Well, i could be frontin' a little. Don't deny the hype. This premiere better put out...