March 11, 2008

Death plays Chess

Pre-grindhouse times there were arthouses. And these arthouses showed boss foreign films that we seldom care about nowadays. Death was often featured playing chess and if he won he took your ungrateful soul with him. Fellini is awesome. Giulietta Masina is an adorably-tangible-Italian-Audrey Hepburn-ish woman. Really, now.

Enough about film related pastimes—here is the most intriguing occurrence of the March 11, 2008: So tonite I was going to see The Wombats (and some other bands I didn’t know about) and I was able to spot but I realized that my originally well thought out scheme wouldn’t work and, indeed, access was denied. Next time I’mma go to MacArthur Park, fools. Anywhat—I roam around, contemplating if I should hang out in the 7-Eleven across the street. After a long while (ie: getting lost a bit on the strange streets) I began my wait kinda behind the damn place and someone walks by me. I don't really care who it is, thinking it was these two people who I had seen momentarily at the crosswalk. It was this guy wearing a black jacket with some sorta plaid shirt deal, black pants, and red shoes, i guess, sporting some wild hair that was slightly reminiscent of an afro. HOLD UP.
What does Matt Murphy look like? Let's refresh our memories, kiddies:

OK. At first I was all thinking, "NO FUCKING WAY" then i slowly thought, "well, maybe." I couldn't clearly see his face even though he looked back at me a few times(once as he initially walked by me and again as he was farther off--possibly because i tried to discreetly follow him for a bit to see if it was really him...i shoulda fuckin' waved, man) because it was dark and he turned to glance at me real quick. I was astonished. I waited a bit more...wishing he'd come back so i could make sure that was him. Lo and Behold!! He returned!! But I didn't see his damn face again...i really thought about yelling something so he'd turn around (maybe, like, "Hey" or "Excuse me" or just "Hello" like one lady said to me as she walked by). I would've known fo sho...i'm pretty fucking sure it was Murph, though. Not damn sure, but pretty sure. And that's more than good enough for me.

I can't believe I missed possible live versions of "lost in the post", "party in the forest" (ohhh, i'm fuckin' pissed..if they played this...uurgh!!), "backfire at the disco", "kill the director", "patricia the stripper", "metro song", "moving to new york" (i hope to accomplish that one fine day), "school uniforms" and the etc. of goodness--shiiiiittt...i can't believe it. Damn 88.

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