July 26, 2008

How to recover from zombie-ism? Feel alive.

I finished summer school on Thursday. I cannot fucking believe that i churned out two essays wednesday night to turn into my english class the next morning. one was a research paper, eight pages d-spaced, and the other was the actual final which was three pages. agony. it was too killer. i got three hours of sleep. had a humanities final too, but that was mostly cool beans because i could do it at home on the computer.
even though i was all m.i.a. for the last two days, i still partied it up, to a degree. thursday night was the free afternoons/tokyo police club show at the hammer museum. FREE!!! and i was so upset that i missed tpc at the troub in march...well, i got there early and they were doing sound checks. remember the time i discussed the unprecedented cuteness of foals? well, this was like that. those kids were cute. i didn't think to snap any photos of them during that time (there was this one girl who approached them post sound checking to get a picture with them..uhhh). Anyways.. the thing started at almost 9 with afternoons.

There style was kinda folksy and, umm, alternative. I mean, the clothes that they wore, they had changed since i saw them earlier, reminded me of the 1800s, like, the old west kinda where people got together in saloons to drink and get into brawls. They looked like the type of music entertainment that would found in that kinda joint. it was all right. their style of music was also reminiscent of earlimart. i think it was a little odd when the lady did some of the operatic vocals; the songs tended to sound the same.

so, they ended their set, taking down their equipment and instruments, and tpc began setting up. how exciting. they eventually got to playing; check it out:

OH MY GOD, AREn't the colors fucking crazy awesome? i was rather happy that this 16 continuous pictures function on my camera turned out well. doesn't it look nice? it got mad when they started their songs, people started moshing of sorts (as you can probably see from my picture i wasn't standing in the middle where all the melee was breaking out--i was way right) and crowd surfing to which mr. lead singer guy-i swear he was making eyes at me..and i didn't much care/mind- asked them to take it down a notch ("we're assholes"). the results of all the people behind me occasionally pushing are some bruises on my right leg, seriously, i was getting slammed into this raised concrete thing where there was a tree. the songs that i clearly remember were in a cave, graves, juno, box, sixties remake, and your english is good. clapping and onstage frenzied dancing and encores were had. mmm, good free times.

and some guy took a picture of me waiting for tpc, looking all eremitic and supine.

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