March 31, 2008


it is definitely time for a new post because much, i guess, has happened to me since the last time i was all smitten with theologically moniker'd guys. my newest interest is one Jean-Pierre Léaud...almost exclusively as a young kid.

this also sparked my intrigue with french again, but i forgotten so much vocabulary and verb forms (alas, this rings true for the japanese that i had once mastered)--curses. I anticipate going to europe for studies next year although i am torn between Italy and England. How i wish i could go to both! I want to go to both...gah--it's impossible because of if you go to one you miss the orientation and classes to prepare for the other.
Aside from the necessary decision making to be done there i totally know where I'm going to have winter/spring break (pending where i fuckin choose to go) in europe--Paris!! France!! I'mma train over there and walk around and order me some crêpes (maintenant je voudrais manger les nouriturres françaises. j'ai faim un peu..) AHHHH!! FRENCH STUUUUFF!

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