February 28, 2011

i wont grow up

i wonder. these days have been going by like...it's so painstakingly..slow, maybe? they're too long for their own good. perhaps all the obligations i have to fulfill are making my daily activities seem weighted, much more so than usual. alas, i trudge on and emit an overly pensive manner, which i suppose is sometimes construed as a bit sad, and fantasize about doing other things (people? no, i don't suppose so..or, not as often as i used to..but! I digress.) I'm so eager to finish up this undergrad life yet i know i do not have definite plans for the near future. ideas, vaguely, but actions i'm seriously considering are probably nil.

i know i'm getting older. i can't be having this 17 year old mindset forever, or, you know, this late teen way of thinking. transitioning into a state of indifference might not be the optimal reaction to this realization. i think i made an ultimatum to myself, with no consequence, that i would be more decisive. it's not happening at the right rate..the onset of an incentive as a motivation.
well, that's all i'd like to discuss for the end of this month. oh man.

February 18, 2011

che cazzata

it's the end of zeee weeeek. rather pleasant, i'm surprised to say. i discovered the most intriguing information. oh the joys of finding interesting older people, specifically guys...with glasses...from the east coast....who enjoy fellini films.


i'm finding it crazy that things are piling up consecutively. and then getting distracted by something spontaneously coming about.
hmmmmm. yeah, what was i doing? um, ok. it's just much to do, think, and hopefully accomplish decently.

February 14, 2011

all you need is:

refer to this year.

in case you're wondering, this is the usual reading material found in (university) libraries. i don't know if it's entirely true...but from some of the experience i've had..hmmmm.
i don't think i've ever touched on this, but i think this is a good opportunity for me to bring up this concept i was recently introduced to almost two years ago. Supposedly, every girl goes through this slut stage. i've heard about these sort of things happening and i often think to myself, "hey, when is this going to happen? i need my rite of passage into sluttage." it's probably not that serious. an interesting concept occurring on the regular.