January 31, 2010

Drunk potatoes on acid = the end is NIGH

shee-it. i am set to leave within the next few hours and packing is still yet to complete. i'm almost stressed to the limit. oh procrastination, i thought i'd finally gotten over you! seriously folks, don't let this fool into your life.

January 26, 2010

in six days

aaaahhhhahahhh! almost time to leave..this week will be extemely busy; i've yet to fil up one luggage with shit to haul along with me. i don't know what to think about the situation, as i've already said i'm feeling a little melancholy and worried. in an unrelated note, i am anticipating spring/summer! not just because i miss bright colors and jumpsuits and sandals (i do miss those quite a bit, still too cold and rainy for wear here), it's probably because i'm genuinely excited about new designer collections/trends and i want to saunter about in a warm, sunny atmosphere. i'm ashamed to admit some of the things i've added to my wearing repetoire (so much for resolutions). i'm dreaming about carry a nice tote or so, with a faded blue shirt dress--there's nothing wrong with florals or a slip sort of thing, it's just my preference for the moment--, round sunglasses, and platform wedge sandals. pigtails & light pink/grey/silver nails & fuschia lips (i am not much of a fan of the orange/coral so that would be my alternative). so, reveal in my pictorial realization! where price is an obsolete hurdle:

images from saks fifth avenue, old navy, and shop bop.
hmmm, i can just imagine walking down crowded streets in korea or japan in the muggy summer weather showcasing my high-low concoction of an outfit.

January 20, 2010

wowzas, let's get that Saturated

i'm feeling wistful. i'm leaving the country in a little over a week--it's got me thinkin' and evaluatin'. i've done about nothing since the starting of this blog or my hs graduation that qualifies me as a productive human. i can't explain how that makes me feel; it's not exactly pure failure because i have accomplished a few things i swore i'd do during this "college time" (studying abroad and travel, bitches). getting this teaching stint, though...also has unexplainable feelings. i don't know about those kids. it's already some mighty bit of stress.
attained my new media device. it's still of the apple variety. was going through my library and found this. it transported me back to dance class 2006. i feel like it now.

the rain, the rain! it's not a bad thing.

January 16, 2010

tasteful raunch

um, huh, preparations have been taken. executions of said preparations have been made. there are others needed to complete in the agenda. hm. amidst the problems in the world, naturally speaking..i've perused various tangible or not locales and discovered these wonderful tights:

They are on sale on the UK wolford site, not sure if they still are..anyway, i adore the trompe-l'oeil of a lace-up boot on them. my general affections towards hosiery really started about three years ago..still trying to decide when and with what to wear my ombre ones. hmm. i think this would be nice to wear as a transition into spring, when the weather is cool..with flats or heels.

still on the music player search.

January 9, 2010

..dead again>

it's official. through all my efforts of revival and promised future care, my ipod died. this was my second one, lasting at least five, if not six, years with me. it was there when i was in high school and all the senseless hours waiting between classes in college (unreliable at times...) and when i took long bus/train/car rides (oh those usuki-to-oita school and oxford tube days) or walked. never seen that kind of recommended web-help under the dead/sickie ipod character. i don't know what to do, really. the first ipod i had lasted at most a year so i'm a bit apprehensive if i should get a new one. besides, the only one available for purchase these days are the cute nanos (lovely colours, but limited music capacity), the regular ones with 160 gb (my, my, that's a wee much) and the touch (expensive. if i wanted to play games with something like that i would get the nintendo ds). that's from my experience with what's at a local costco. i don't know. there are other options out there and i have researched a few...ah, but this recently deceased music player lasted so long in comparison when it clearly probably wasn't supposed to.

January 8, 2010

causes of concern: so long for 6

today is post-worthy! for some odd reason i woke up around three AM, unable to sleep (i tossed and turned distraught over thoughts of slender man...), finally deciding to watch old simpsons treehouse of horror episodes.

i fell asleep on the third one...had no idea that today would reall, truly bear news of intrigue, excitement, and general horror. by the end of the month i will no longer be wasting away in this shit-ridden, overeating with chemically enhanced foodstuffs, water-wasting, mostly education ignoring country! ok, this news came about around 8 or so when i thought, "what the hell, i'll go online." checking my email i come across this congratulations deal and ... that's how it went down. oh my god. my initial reaction was nonchalant and kinda glad i got it, but it hit home hard when i realised what this job meant..i am fucking apprehensive, terrified, and generally aroused, not sexually.

January 6, 2010

Your face. It is ALL wrong

sadly i can remember a time when i was obsessed, kinda, with eye make-up. it was something i couldn't grasp; a foreign concept to me, befuddling even my generally bright mental state. that was two years ago, i think. well, i learned some stuff from eye candy by linda mason and my sometime regime consists of eyeliner on the lower lash line with occasional mascara (i am liking cg lashblast length as cheapie brand and i might say ysl is quite good in terms in the $$$ kind from what i've tried). okokok. this sounds like such girly banter...don't worry--it was bound to happen and there will be some distressing words towards the end. anyway, i think towards the end of 09 i was into lip color. i tried classic red and dark stuff popular for the fall (no, black lipstick or whatever was simply too much for me..i can't be a triana) and the nude lip. i guess my method now is to stain my lips from time to time and the fuschia-ish cheapie i have is getting some decent rotation.

that awful banter about face shit leads to this: my unwarranted sudden interest in blush. oh bejebus. what i am gunning for is red or something really bright/unconventional. i don't plan to layer it on until i'm a raggedy ann dead ringer in asian form, but i want to add subtle enhancements or whatever...i don't know, i just want to try it. my fascination with red started a little while back when i was searching all over for red chuck taylor high-tops. so the only variations of a red blusher i've found are NARS in exhibit A and maybe ysl in coriander. but if it's just one of my trendy phases i should probably look into more cheapie things to try out...
i leave you with this news: i am ill, i can't find that rodarte dress anywhere, and my living space is still ridiculously messy.

January 4, 2010

ridden Like a goat of the Scape variety

this 2010 has harbored ill afflictions on me already. it's more personal affairs that affirm my previous beliefs. anyway. i've decided to become even more of a frugal freak, not everything that's cheap needs to be bought even if it might possibly look good, but there is one, or maybe two things in mind that i wouldn't mind shelling out some cash for:

I saw this Rodarte for Target dress, tried it on, and although it was perhaps a tad too small (xs is wearable, but not comfortable) i absolutely adored it. i wanted to get it since it was the last one left...but i didn't. i later discovered i still have $$ on my target gift card from last year and another gift card with cash on it complacently lounging on my nightstand. the horrid part is...every target i go to doesn't even have that dress. it's gone! i'm aghast and will be pursuing it for as long as it's out there.

i've decided to part with my gray jeans from nearly three years ago. i wore the hell out of them , to an extent, and now i'm scrounging around for a...new pair. i just had a sustainable guilt-trip. ... anyway, i like my pants to be a certain length, ankle at most (okokok, i was totally sporting this before it got all trendy), which can be difficult since i have a rather less than average height. from what i've looked at thus far, i think i might get these while they're still on the kinda cheaper side. i mean, i've got jeans for $5 that fit and looked mah-velous and i like urban outfitter pants..the ankle cigarette ones i got are parfait. so. i have until next week to purchase if i choose to do so..

lastly, i feel compelled to discuss this. it has nothing to do with really, really, really wanting to buy; this is something cute and something i was looking for when i first saw it.

i don't remember how i stumbled upon the the fifi lapin blog. i just ended up there one day and i noticed that forever 21 is selling stuff with her printed on it. i thought the t-shirts were adorable on the blog, but i could not find them in stores. i actually saw this design. it's cute, albeit a tad too much to pay for a simple 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt thing.

hmmm, just to make this entry a little on the longer side, i've been into the kinks and the dave clark five; so much sixties. also friendly fires. i really, really like friendly fires right now. aren't you glad this blog is starting to show another side, showcasing fashion media and whatever else i'm liking?

January 1, 2010

Is it gon'be Any better (question mark).

it is two thousand ten. what the hell. ain't nothing i'm excited about. but i told you, here we are next year and tomorrow. maybe i can make a living off this predicting the future pseudo-ability.