September 28, 2007

Better times back then

So today I had a ton of time to do stuff (ie: watch that office episode I never watched. It was quite funny/interesting, I guess) and the majority of that time was spent looking at images of some people. Here are some of the blog worthy results:

Bruce Campbell. Army of Darkness. Ohhh.

The young Marlon Brando. I really love this picture. It's just, like, something a little artsy and indifferent--he just looks like a regular-kinda guy that one might see on the street looking over somewhere.

Remember in December I posted about 'Cool Hand Luke'? More Paul Newman.

Oh. My. Gosh. Harrison Ford in a Speedo. Kinda funny.

Yeah. I stared at some of those pictures for a while, just thinking. That Harrison Ford one made me laugh so hard. Like, seriously, it's so damn funny. SPEEDO!! Um.

This is such a cute little picture. Little Will Wheaton and River Phoenix in the 'Stand By Me' movie. Now I really wanna watch it. This is--just so adorable.
I can't believe Jerry O'Connell was the portly kid. He changed much.

I forget the rest.

September 27, 2007

Remorse over nothing

I feel kinda bad. I don't know; it's just a weird, maybe guilty feeling. But what can one do when there is really nothing there? It'd so difficult to elaborate...

Well. That's about it. I miss my little pals from home. I feel like I neglected them. What sadness is induced on this day. Hum.
Why can't there be more funny people like Addy? He was frickin' crazy good at making me genuinely laugh.

September 23, 2007

Owls know oh so much

...about physical assault. Supposedly. They're the spokesanimals pictured on some kinda pamphlet/booklet about the whole deal.

Anyways, what I am currently doing here..right this place over up Nothing, really. Halfway chillin' and I'm mostly tired. Sleeping over here hasn't been great. Like, at all. I haven't had trouble sleeping like this maybe ever. I don't understand it. Therefore the results of this has made me ridiculously, unbearably, uncontrollably, insanely, queerly, understandably, horrendously, crazily, madly, annoyingly T-I-R-E-Ds. Another strange occurrence taking place as of now: no real, like really real, appetite. That's weird.

I'll go ask the owls later. I speculate some of them live in a nearby tree. Around here. Like this guy--

Yeah, I bet he knows all sorts of stuff. Look at him..yelling out information if you ask him nicely.

September 15, 2007

Revival of Westerns: Yee-Haw, Roy Rogers

In all accuality, I haven't seen any western films recently, but I suspect they are on the rise yet again. I guess that people want to escape to times of vigilantes and showdowns at dusk. It certainly sounds cool and rowdy and bad asssssssss. I also just heard some ruckus with that whole "yee-haw" business. How wild and primitive., but genuinely appealing.

Not much happening lately. I'm kinda waiting for my fuckin' school to start, but it's decided to be a bitch and hasn't returned my calls. I feel so appreciated.

September 6, 2007

R.O.U.S.s cause R.L.S. so R.I.P.

The wilderness isn't such a great place to be without the right equipment and such. It can lead to a miserable experience, my friends (if any at the moment). Suffocating cigarette smoke in the air and pictures of wanton women on the sidewalk. Oh hell yes, these are good times. This is the first ever post for the month of September EVAR! What a feat to accomplish; I guess the last time that I started this I was extremely busy with school shit (advanced placement biology is oh so time consuming). It's a relieving experience to not have to worry about that just yet. What's so great about this month anyway?

I am somewhat pleased to mention that there is vindication for me: klaxons back in LA and San Francisco! Oh, the choice (I'm leaning towards the SF one cuz it'll be closer). The planning and devising shall take place over the days/week ahead. Complacency is upon me and it "feels so good".