August 2, 2008

my COOL pals are still gone

oh fucking shits, my fucking little fuckers. this blog has been going on for two years today. what? really? what they hell made me so committed to this for so long? i don't know. i don't offer you kids free music or anything of the sort so--i definitely don't keep this going to rack up as many visitors from all ends of the earth (and/or beyond). uh. in accordance with the premiere post from two years past i just might mention the things i miss.
so, yeah, all my cool friends all across the country in their (fancy,) respected universities. i miss the good times with the fams. if i'da known just a wee bit earlier about job arrangements i could be living it up in chi-town right now. CURSES!! i wish we'd've watched more movies in my humanities class. these days i crave me some badass horror films. i watched the first halloween on the ifc before our satellite went out and, yeah, i could make out all the no-nos that would get you killed in that kind of scenario. wasn't scary enough for today's standards, though. i've been kinda missin' the humanities class in general, sans the annoying people laughing at irreverent things.
digressing from everything else, the wombats in l.a. again? as much as i would like to go, i just don't's the same night i start school in fall and i'm pretty sure i got a class real early in the morning the day after. too many things coming up in september. just too much.

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