February 5, 2008

Sociological-like scenario songs feat. Fat Tuesday

It's also election day of a sort and, for reasons that still perplex me, I wasn't able to vote (mainly because I didn't complete and turn in my registration to do so). Ah..things haven't been all exciting for me. The most interesting thing about today could quite possibly be the incident in the school parking lot. An older man approached me after getting out of his car and asked me where one could enroll in classes when I noticed a younger man get out of the driver's side of the car, walking towards us. I said the L Building and gave ridiculously vague directions on how one might arrive there and that the place might be closed. After a bit of befuddling, the younger man said it was quite all right, thanked me for the help, and speculated that there might be a map indicating where they should go.
What happened to the good ol' days of songs about all the junkie hookers working for the pederast pimps on the corner of 4th and Main? Songs about eight year olds huffing glue in the cellar jamming to some of that Donovan? If you don't inform the people by means of popular media how are we gonna know and finally do something about it? Ahem, that means you self-proclaimed music kids who used to know how to weave stories into your songs, but have turned to more commercial aspects that are trite and were conjured up by people eager to make bank. Even if you're cute.
I look forward, kinda, to the results of the votes that everyone who was eligible could make.
And for those who give a hoot about nawlins.

Russians are hip.

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