February 24, 2009

it's the ATTENTION we Crave

these past two days have been..ok. typical school stuff going on (the traffic and parking problems, however, appear to be heightened this semester) and i suppose the only odd thing has been some, uhhheerrmm, unwanted attention..? i could understand the "hey" and nod from the guy i sat behind in math during the winter session, but..these other unsettling, horrid creatures clamoring for my attention?? i mean, this old, and i mean into super-late middle aged, guy with his fake-ass gold rolex and chains fucking honks his horn at me and stops his car, rolling down his window to ask me how to get to some street. i was aware of the street name, but i had no fucking idea where it was, so i says to him, i says, "I don't know." Then the sick fuck asked where i was walking to, to which i replied (in a nonchalant tone) the next street (a general direction), and offered me a ride. no durr, i reclined. who knows what might've become of me?? even with the best intentions, the guy was extremely creepy.

incident 2: occurred today after the meeting i went to for oxford going...i was near my car and this guy in his two door hatchback slows down next to me and the following dialogue takes place:

CW (creepy weirdo): "Where are you parked?"
WA (wary asian): "Why?"
CW: "'Cuz I want to park in your spot."
WA: *Points to dark-blue jetta within 10 ft. vicinity*
CW: "Oh, there's some enough space behind your car." *parks*
"It's really hard to find a parking space."
WA: "Oh yeah. It was really crowded here yesterday."
CW: "I know. Thanks."
WA: "You're welcome." (probably inaudible, but i said it.)

It's generally nice to be noticed, but by these kind of people? WHY? What is it? God, i'm really fearing another odd run in tomorrow. Maybe this time it can be someone acceptable..or at least James Franco..that would be nice indeed.

February 19, 2009

__% chilled Out

God, i am fucking halfway done with this damn winter semester. Worst EVer. It currently ranks #1 in horribleness in classes and as an overview for the whole session. Great, winter '09, you totally take the cake. At the moment i'm 35% chillin', still stressing over the goddamn internet class which is and always will be the shittiest thing in education i've had to face (ooohh, wait, SATs and APs factor into this too..i guess i should say RECENTLY).

The only thing i'm looking forward to is my unmitigated day of relaxation tomorrow. God, the things i plan to do..

February 14, 2009

Love? SICK!!

last year i might've been a wee bit spiteful. i still hold some grudge against this day. well, i think i've gotten accustomed to loneliness. lived this way since i was a kid--ain't no escaping it.i know i've only got a little to say these days. i guess not much is going on and/or i'm too forgetful. leaving it.

February 13, 2009

late at night..when you're all alone..
or maybe post-coitus with your teenage crush..

another friday falling on this date. i remember mentioning the frequent occurrences of ft13 in the past and being--i don't exactly know how to put it--shocked and/or annoyed about them. another one today. i'm neither flabbergasted nor scared about it. just another day, really. unless, perhaps, you're at camp crystal lake.
i'm agonizing over this transformation, too. i don't want it realized.
sadly, inevitable.

February 8, 2009

i am still Here

What's kinda really freaking me out right now, besides the shit i've gotta be writing for the internets, is the fact that this time next month i'mma be not here where i usually am. i'll be in in the fucking u.k. god. the time will jet like and, yeah, you'll be getting post about my adventures over there..rather than the sad ending not i started on with this blog. when i really take the time to think about my upcoming journey there, i get filled with trepidation and the whole deal seems daunting. oh man. freaking out..i still have to think about/plan the things i want to do, but i hardly have any time with the ellipses. parabolas, and systems of equations i gotta be dealing with everyday. it's stressful. the rain this past weekend was nice. it was cold and occasionally lightning-i-fied.
there really isn't anything great anymore is there?

February 3, 2009

Cramer's vs. Kramer: Determinants run on Plastic

saw mr. i-used-to-sit-next-to-you who i have recently dubbed james franco. i noticed him first and then the whole niko-niko deal occurred with nods and all.
highlight of my day.
i think i may have fucked up my math test. lies lies lies!! it was difficult!! even with the extra time today.