September 24, 2008

Things made in the dark: zombies deux and chaud chip

So i went to see hot chip on sunday. i know. probably shoulda wrote about this earlier, but...i was busy. seriously. school is ultimate work for the weekdays. so, let me weave a wondrous story of intrigue and dancing.

this whole thing was opened by io echo. i had heard of their band before, they played the free hammer series concerts (it's on a poster i gots), but i never heard them. now..if i had to say what they sounded's, like, if an "indie" version of horror, perhaps even death, punk (i thought of the misfits) fucked it's close relative of dance punk (ie: duchess says) and they produced a kid. That's what it is. The lead singer was some girl who really, really, really looked like a zombie. She acted like one on stage, doing all kinds of macabre stuff.

the band seemed a little out of place and the girl was all crazy--at one point she danced in a bunnyish sort of way, kicking one leg up and holding her hands up like paws. well, that's how i interpreted it. they did do a nice cover of "i want you (she's so heavy)", i thought.

On to the main event here:

This is hot chip. I want to be brief here; it was good dancing times. there were balloons bouncing about and people jumping all over the place. fairly good. yes. i don't think i can elaborate on those general concepts there. here are related images.

kinda bad. gomen. well, that was my sunday. it was hell getting up at 7 A.M. monday.

September 20, 2008

wonder people, i do ruminate

One thing that’s been really bothering me since July, recently resurrected this month, has been the disappearances of my pencil bags. I’m upset and frustrated over my loss. It sounds insignificant and irrelevant in terms of treasured items, but, by gum, I bought the two in Japan. I’m more concerned about the first pencil case because it was much cuter and attention-grabbing since it was made in the shape of a BANANA that could PEEL. I believe it was also more expensive than the latter lost. I don’t think the first was stolen, per se, but it was gone upon my return home from the last day of summer school. I have an inkling that the second pencil bag could’ve been stolen. Or…I left it somewhere and it was eventually stolen. Something along those lines. With each passing day the curiosity and dread regarding these things grows exponentially; it really fucking makes me wonder. I also get reminded of the green sweater and other inanimate objects I’ve “lost”.

Been feeling ill the last two days. Consumption is an awful thing for me at the moment. Things regarding school have also made me upset. Hot chip on Sunday? Could I possibly be excited? ….or would I prefer to experience an orgy in hell for the third week? Actually, I really have no choice on the hot chip thing because then it would be a waste of money.

Oh, yes.
Hurrah. It’s the hundredth/100th post.

September 7, 2008 never ends.

HEY! It's time for the second annual September post. I will indeed be talking about school, again, because it's started and I have something to say about the teachers and, you know, such. The first class i went to last week was geology. I generally like the teacher, he's still young and funny and able to reference pertinent subjects (pokémon cards and cell phones--he's getting there). He's from Texas and within that first class period i deduced that he was like hank hill.

Really! He's even got the glasses although the frames aren't that think. It's quite an enjoyable class, especially since we went over giant spaghetti monsterism last time.
I've got a linguistic teacher who lookes like Ellen DeGeneres who speaks french, japanese and english (what a commonality there). She's nice. And.. i don't know if the others are mentionable yet. It's just, like...they're ok. None of them remind me of cartoon characters or famous people.