May 29, 2008

death in my hands

It was weird today...i read about something and ended up thinking about the consequences of the subject, ultimately death, and then it happened. To go more into depth about this odd and harrowing event: I was reading my text book for sex psych on zoophilia, wondering if some people would attempt to do the deed with birds (supposedly yes to bigger fowl like ducks and geese) and how horrible that would be for the animal. All i could think of was the death of the poor animal. Later, as I was eating lunch, a small bird crashed into one of the glass doors on the balcony. I rushed outside to see if it was all right, picking the bird up. It was breathing for a while, definitely looking shocked from having the wind knocked out of it. After a bit, i noticed that the bird had stopped breathing so hard and its eyes were closing. The poor thing died in my hands. I buried it all properly.

I was the last thing it saw.

May 25, 2008

havin' good times, are ya? i am.

Do i have any reason to blog? This just used to be some means of letting off steam and bad-mouthing whatever the hell was fucking up my day and at times it is, but--not so much anymore. I don't know if anyone visits this decrepit piece of webspace (anymore to say the least), but here i'll continue to post the base occurrences that make up my daily life.
My night life, however, makes up for uninterstingness i suffer when the sun's out. All right. I warned y'all about the FOALS show last post. Here's what I gotta say about that:

I hadn't been to the Troubadour for, what, about 5 years (it was the early TMCM years, i liked me some earlimart, it was cheap), but i recognized some of the's a pity i didn't go check upstairs to see if my little panda thing was still there. So, it was the usually getting in, standing around, and general waiting routine. Maps and Atlases went on after about an hour. Now, what really intrigued me about this band (i guess besides the girl) was the xylophone jamming. That was truly transfixing--i found myself staring at it being played for the majority of the set (quand it was in use). Quite the innovative band; guitar played like a piano and such; some manhandling of the instruments (it looked slightly uncomfortable/strange).Overall quite good, rather dancey & mathy.

I guess we waited another 30 minutes before every was ready for Foals. OK. The first thing I noticed was the bass guy because i recognized him from a picture i had seen on a blog peeking out from the corner of the picture and he bared a striking resemblance to matt murphy (i'd say it was the hair).

What i really wasn't expecting, however, was the general cuteness (ie: the japanese girls next to me promptly exclaiming,"かわいい!!!" when they all came out). I think the cuteness was mostly direct towards Mr. Drummer & Mr. Synth' maybe even Mr. Murph look-a-like Bass Mann--larry young girls calling out names i was unfamiliar with to get them to look in their direction for a decent picture. It worked on several, or maybe just two, occasions. Yes, it was right good. Encore as well as jumping into the crowd for some dancing; alas, i touched no one and if i had stayed a little longer i might've been able to chat up a little with adorable Mr, Drummer ( i think of it now he reminded me of dan, the other wombat guy). And i got some free stuff--a poster!!

Foals > The Kooks. Most definitely.

May 20, 2008

Mondays can be fun sometimes

Went to see the kooks. the morning benders opened. the drummer gave me malkmus vibes with his hat. they was cute. blah. I touched Luke Pritchard, who's also cute, but not nearly as awesome as Calvin Harris.

A fight almost broke out next to me (much like when i saw the cribs..i must attract them) though one wouldn't expect, really to happen at this sort of gig. the best part had to be the encore. Luke came out and played "jackie big tits" and "seaside"--acoustic stuff on his own. the whole band eventually came back out and we sang happy birthday to one of the guys working there. hmm. All rights. get ready for foals on the saturday, kids.

For some odd reason i am so into hot chip right now. shake a fist does major damage to my dance bones. gonna be seein' 'em in september. i missed them last time 'cuz i didn't think much of it. how pedestrian of me. last week it was all cavin harris and his vegas song..