November 23, 2009

LE BREAK c'est fini pour maintenant

ugh. it is finished for CA. now i have to deal with horrible, purely academic world. i have nothing to offer you for entertainment purposes. sorry.

November 21, 2009

slapdash encounters>fantasy of you

this is some motherfucing horrible deja vu right heerrr. well, i'm taking a break from the atrocious california college applications. i'm just working on the "personal statements", the tortuous element that begs to prove you're worthy of participating in the educational system. i don't know what i've been up to; everything is, like...the same thing over and over and over and over. like a monkey with a miniature cymbal...i am sooo sick of my class schedule and the routine. i know, haven't been running this shit in foreva. i'm trying to be quick with this...(mmm, that's what he said) since i gotta get back to work: i like french cheeses (oh, since that first day in paris with les gaffres..) esp. boursin and brie, i've reached the realization that i am a fashion and/or beauty whore (oh god, the little boy inside me throws up a lot every time i think about this), i keep my right hand hi (a la ici for kid sister), ehmm...i'm also binging on sweet things, and the issue of sex always comes up. fucking always.

November 9, 2009

HEY, MAN! Hot stuff in November!

i booked a job interview (yay to trial careers!) and i'm on the fence about what to do it i do well. i'd so like to get away from here for a while, but i worry about the things i'm leaving behind, namely the animals living with me, specifically the ones with wings.

nonstop thinking of the divine Mr. Mysterious. alls i know about him is that he'll be transferring to USC for the spring semester. i detest that school, for some reason. they don't even have what i want major in and their colors are..ehm, not to my liking.

November 4, 2009

All work and no play. Makes me A

there is too much to do this month. applications galore! i think universities are my priority, but i would very much like to finish the one for teaching in korea (ah, yes, i get paid and i can travel around asia!). it's for six months.
for some obscure reason i am totally into metalocalypse. i don't know why. i like the gore and the voice acting, maybe. i like toki. i'm scared of murderface. i'm liking the adult swim with the full episodes of seasons 1 at the moment. i can't fully understand why i recently find this show so appealing. i don't really like metal, i guess. ehh.
music that i'm totally into: jazz. The dave brubeck, the charles mingus, the john coltrane, the miles davis, the max roach. Also some, uh, "indie" stuff as it were: freelance whales, surfer blood & local natives. hmmmm.
there isn't really any other things worth writing...i'm liking this one guy in my art history class, but it's a lecture-like setting with a whole shitload of people the hell am i gonna be getting to know him with that going on? i don't even know his name (at least i found out grant at the ucsc)! i'm smitten with the fact that he looks like alex turner and dresses rather nicely (casual and composed in a semi-sophisticate way). i'd very much like him.
this must surely be the eclectic and incoherent.
i'm thinking about changing the colour scheme or something soon; also considering streamlining this blog into featuring topics that are age and gender appropriate since i've been browsing other things...
or not.
all i really want to do is go to ny. and stay there until i die somewhere in europe.