December 31, 2009

see you tomorrow next year, Kids.

what am i looking forward to this coming year? i have some ideas that can be construed as "resolutions" and i need to write them down. i hope the majority of what i come up with actually stay throughout the year. hopefully i can finally get into a decent education establishment and find decent people. i suppose the purpose of this post is to get my post count up. bye for now.

December 30, 2009

when Looking back, eyes are unopened

went through some bins/containers/boxes that have been virtually dormant and untouched for over 10 years. i found some crazy shit, kids. not only were there pokemon cards (english and japanese), but POGS. that was weird. and they were the kind that had freaky illustrations, though not alf, and were shiny..anyway..more on disturbing look-backs: i found class pictures from my 5th and 8th grade. that was scary. i was surprised i didn't look extremely horrible in the 8th grade picture. i guess being far away from the camera can be attributed to that.

i can't believe it's already the end of the year..and the month. it's been a decade of 2000-somethings. i never realized that until the tv told me. i feel like i don't have stuff to look forward to next year. i'd just really like to be out of this country, making money, and snagging cute boys. i've been working on it. it should come into fruition soon. i've been getting better, maybe.

December 26, 2009

nonono, nary cris'mas

i intended to make an xmas post yesterday, but compromising situations arose and i had no time and eventually forgot. so, to my dismay, i have to admit that i watched avatar. it was inevitable. mind you, i had no intention to ever see that movie, not even when it would make it to basic tv; that shit didn't/doesn't interest me, the story was blegh and i just didn't like the whole thing nor could i understand why some people were going crazy over it.
after watching it i have to say that it was tolerable. it was interesting. i was partially to those flying things that looked like pterodactyls. the story is basically the same as ferngully.

the same. less scary, though, without that pollutant/evil chemical character voiced by tim curry. less enjoyable, too.

December 20, 2009

clean Up your Act!

i have been a lazy fool, especially when it comes to this blog. i've just been moseying around, checking out other blogs and what not..maybe trying to get inspiration. i sense some changes in the making and inclusions of image from my personal life. i guess.
school has ceased for the fall. there is no winter and spring is still up in the air. i'm most apprehensive about where i might get accepted for a new school. still wondering if i should risk out of state expensive places. i belong in a place with distinguishable seasons.

December 15, 2009

Grades grades grades! The New School Musical

it is finals time for me. the nice thing about today was vaguely sleeping in and not having to worry about trying to get to class around 7-ish. i am worried about the 2 major projects due today because i have no clue how one is going/went and the other one definitely needs finishing an hour before class. i am little miss procrastinator and last minute gal--this is really no big deal, but considering the fact that i'm really gunning for A's this semester...i rethink a little.

besides my busy academic life, i must mention that i now adore voluspa candles. i think fluer de fĂȘte is my favorite, i'd like to light that in my room, even though i'm lighting up goji & torocco orange. the scent is wonderful and really, in a subtle manner, fills up the space.
i also have a huge crush on Mena Suvari.
I guess it was because i was watching american beauty and then day of the dead..i don't know. she's adorable. and kinda badass. my other objet d'attraction: APC boy models. OH MY GUUOOOSH. That's half of what i want my dream boy to look like.

December 7, 2009

Innovative; we grew up w/o seizures

it might be considered early for blogging...but check out the new layout and colours! i'm excited. there are still some tweaks to eek out...overall i'm liking the new demureness and wideness (excellent for fitting in those large images). i'm not quite sure what else to bring into this post... i'm suffering from lethargy again. the same same same.

i plan to embark on some diy/dim projects. after attending the Unique LA thing during the weekend. it was crowded, but undoubtedly awesome with local and handmaking vendors and the free tote. some of the things weren't so ridiculously priced ($5 t-shirts and necklaces!). i've been hankering to make that puff skirt and mini purse thing..i should really be concentrating on finishing my tarea por mi clase.

December 4, 2009

I'mma learn ya how: Back to the Future 2.5's obviously december, but i nary believe it feels like it (ummm, nearly 80°F is not wintry). i'm definitely hating the christmas related and sounding songs/jingles on the radio, not so much on the tv. now that i think about it, yes, those are pretty fucking annoying, too. i don't have that merry spirit. it's just been a ridiculous week and last yesterday did not yield the cuteness that i usually expect nor the musical indulgences i live for. having a test did nothing to alleviate the horridness.

on a lighter, uplifting, and freaky note: I received a letter from me. It was dated a little over four years ago and it came through the post. I didn't think i'd be getting it (the possibility of skip being dead or simply ignoring my juvenile and vulgar vernacular), but it was there. Some of the topics it touched on are still rather pertinent in my life. mostly the globe trotting, cartoon watching, and "indie" taste in music--generally all there. i'm glad i don't have kids yet...and i really wish i'd followed my past self's advice to talk until my larynx was raw (i'd have had andrews, grant, "james franco", and art-alex by now had i done that). mmm. it makes me nostalgic for freshmen year of high school. or the better times from high school and especially english class (watching bridge on the river kwai, a christmas story, two versions of romeo and juliet, and the odyssey..).