February 18, 2007

The United States is the new Rome

Paralleling ancient civilizations is our job. So, along with my old series of watching whatever interesting-seeming movie that happens to be on television: The Shape of Things.

I was drawn in by the appearance of Paul Rudd and, later, Rachel Weisz. I just saw the ending parts, learning most/part of the story of transforming this person to look better on the outside and rotten on the inside in the name of art. While Evelyn (Weizs) was presenting her final creation she reveled her method of manipulating Rudd's character (his name departs me at the moment) into an relatively trim, egomaniac. It was rather sad when he found out, especially since he was going to ask her to marry him and such. Cruel educational pursuits.

February 14, 2007

Anti-Valentine's + Beverly Hills, San Marino & Connecticut

What about it? It's another ..I'm not gonna say "loveless", but ...ehmm it's ridiculously ..something. I was thinking of the trite ideas that have turned this holiday into something quite inflated. Didn't much care, did I?

School occurences: conversations about rich places (see title.. the state is said to have the greatest per capita income. my teacher says. it also sound like it shouldn't belong) and wondering whether some ASB roses were designated to bachelor teachers and Anthony Hopkins getting all crazy as Torvald Helmer.

February 4, 2007

usually it's clever. not today.

So sad to have the bears lose the Superbowl. As a native Chicagoan (?), my family was intensely watching the game and I think I felt something die a little inside when I speculated the bears had lost. Mhmm. Ok. We digress from this recent travesty.

At this time I should be studying for tests, but I feel an obligation to enlighten my intermediate world with my petty life. First, the change in the blog-like name. 'Verbal Punches' appears to make more sense in a blogical manner--I create catchy titles or whatever and it has a funny family story behind it. I don't want to get into it now. It's quite brief. Um, also relatively new--first semester grades: C,A,A,B. Caab. I made a terrible vow to do better in at least two classes this time around and at the moment I seem to be doing a'ight. My econ teacher, though, is some crazy, old cat lady who seems to know all this stuff about the young people. It really surprised me much. She knew about Coachella, no less...I've never been and there's a desire to go (um, expensive and, uh, yes).