May 29, 2008

death in my hands

It was weird today...i read about something and ended up thinking about the consequences of the subject, ultimately death, and then it happened. To go more into depth about this odd and harrowing event: I was reading my text book for sex psych on zoophilia, wondering if some people would attempt to do the deed with birds (supposedly yes to bigger fowl like ducks and geese) and how horrible that would be for the animal. All i could think of was the death of the poor animal. Later, as I was eating lunch, a small bird crashed into one of the glass doors on the balcony. I rushed outside to see if it was all right, picking the bird up. It was breathing for a while, definitely looking shocked from having the wind knocked out of it. After a bit, i noticed that the bird had stopped breathing so hard and its eyes were closing. The poor thing died in my hands. I buried it all properly.

I was the last thing it saw.

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