January 31, 2008

Realistic Pessimism unrealistically Hopeful.
who wants another smiley?

’tis the last day of January to post stuff for the ’08. It’s funny—he likes it when other guys pat him on the back, but won’t let them massage his back, prolonging the amount of time they’re physically contacting each other. That was one hilarious little bit. He also seeks out the obviousness of the situation, have things spelled out for him. Ok. More relevant or even relatable ramblings: If anyone remembers the old posts from last year or even in 2006 I did a lot of goodness with the movies that I watched (I think it technically started in October ’06 with all that Halloween schtuff). Well, let’s revisit that.

I watched this in class on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was, you know, overall good. Deep, deep philosophical shit--like what is happiness and how do you acquire it? What about luck or fortune? I thought it was more about the guilt involved with it...from the various stories that intertwined, most of those people were suffering. Alan Arkin was in it and I couldn't help but think of Gattaca and Little Miss Sunshine yet his character was marred with all the trouble and misery he had lived through. Frankie Faison as his co-worker friend was also portrayed well--he said a nice bit in the film that went like this "life makes sense when you look at it backwards; too bad we have to live it forwards".

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