April 20, 2007

I forgot it was cas fri..damn.

Thinking and even more thinking. Although the week passed by rather quickly, every single day lagged on and on and there were some immoral events that occurred and even more so to come. There need not be any specific mention-ings, but I will hint at the scary, troubled things..ahem, hem. In all honesty I am not really looking forward to the weekend. Maybe just Saturday because I am terribly obliged to take a test--much like the fucking SAT but not nearly as supposedly important. I'm truly upset about that; I would rather sleep in, play video games, or even start being serious about not procrastinating. That damn test totally ruins my weekend, although it was never that great to begin with. I am going to be visiting some university on Sunday. Something I am absolutely looking forward to next week, asides performing a skit based on Molière's Misanthrope and and economics test, is a four-day "vacation" to Boston/Amherst, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas of interests in the east. Buffalo, NY? That brings back memories of some guy.

I've also noticed that my mind has retracted to an elementary state. The majority of my thoughts are very similar to the ones I had back in grade school. I don't know why. It's strange.

April 3, 2007

Death it.

Officially the worst spring break; everything thing this week terrible--the weather, the studying, the depressing anti-motivational talks--awful, awful deeds. Not fun at all and it's my senior year in school and I was at least expecting some kinda good times. Well, there's that for you. To top it all off: test tomorrow! Awesome.

Oh, check out my easter. This bunny ain't giving out any eggs or candy kids. It's more or less dead like the enthusiasm I have for being at the moment.