November 19, 2007

Against Definite Articles! Yet, who knew Belgium rocks?

I’m not going to work on my essay because it’s on some shit subject that I have no fucking care for. I have other, better, extremely more fascinating things to write about.

Soooo, retracting back to 9th grade English class, I am against definite articles. Not like I’m ardently against aspects of grammar (I try to follow it to a degree), but, at the time, I was just really tired of bands that started with “the”. The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Beatles, The Doors, The Zombies, The Starting Line, The Back Horn, The Decembrists, The Pillows, The Streets, The Stills, etc. You get the idea. So many “The”s. It was pissing me off so bad, it still does; so annoying and shit. I try to avoid bands with such monikers, but it’s fairly difficult (for example The Wombats, The Rakes, The Pigeon Detectives, and Los Campesinos! --yes, even "the" from other languages that use it). There are some bands that I am totally into that lack the hackneyed “THE”: Arctic Monkeys, Good Shoes, Art Brut, 1990s, Cold War Kids, Vampire Weekend, and the like (mostly foreign from, like, Europe, which brings me to--).
One thing I was happy to discover yesterday was this Belgian band called The Tellers, but they sound more like some English kids. I suppose they speak French as well?

They're the exception to the whole ADA thing right now. I would say their music reminds me of some kinda crossover of Bob Dylan (especially the incorporation of the harmonica) and indie acousticals. I highly recommend ‘em to anyone who even glances at this insignificant, little post.

Right, then. Back to working on homework and the like. Dreadful, absolutely dreadful. =(

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