August 19, 2011

ends Up

everybodies. i can almost taste the good old chilling to be had for the remainder of my summer. after this weekend, seriously gonna be sleeping in and trying to fit in video gaming (too neo-old school) and making those long ago, thought out interweb mixtapes. i'm actually looking forward to these things. oh yeah, i suppose that summer bucket list has gotta come into being one of these days...

hmm, as much as i long to be relaxing and spazzing over how to beat last level bosses, there is business to attend to. figurative, but seriously serious stuff. i wish my brain could take a break, though. i mean, i had a final yesterday and i was dying last night while i was working on a report/presentation. i quit thinking right after i took that test so it was hard as hell to concentrate. i thought about putting an inappropriate little simile there,
it's so surprising that i actually stuck out the whole nine weeks for that summer class! i wasn't sure i was gonna make it, 'cuz there was always a lot of shit to do and other people had chicken'd out and quit, but here i am, a testament to droll will power. it was also kinda fun(ny) sometimes. i'm so astonished and proud! it's a feeling that hasn't been around much lately. the food today was boss. and those weird games where people ate stuff. the not normally so tasty stuff. it would've been better with a pint of a miscellaneous melange of alcoholic beverages..and maybe bodily fluids/snacks, but i digress! i didn't mean to bring in my saturday night routine.

i just feel relief.

August 10, 2011

more of it

ok, so remember way back when, maybe more than a few months ago, and i announced on this thing that i had a girl crush? i must admit i've probably had a few more since then (..can't seem to remember right now, these things come and go in unpredictable cycles) and right now, at this very moment i have to say my latest one has got to be daisy lowe. i have no idea why. this damn tumblr might be one of the deciding factors, but, really, i've always liked her hair, at least. whatevs. it's possibly a fleeting thing.

August 1, 2011

les rêves en verité!

This makes me very, very happy. indeed, i couldn't believe it at first and i was trying to hold back my ...latent excitement.
Maybe my college freshman self would be doing back-flips out the window and moonwalking on the ceiling, trying to get to england any which way she could.

as tempting as it is, i know i'll be trying my damnedest to hold out for that frapanese scottie.