May 30, 2011

fill my Specifier

it's seriously like i have more time that i can handle, but it gets squandered ...mysteriously. having the day off wasn't the best thing ever as there were errands and such that needed to be "taken care of". claiming tiredness don't even come close to what i really feel. all this drinking an' pseudo-partying, though very fun at times, is fucking up my basic functioning. too far behind in shit i shoulda finished ages ago. anyways.

the quarter is almost over, like, really. the school year is nigh on ending. eeeee. although i'm close to declaring surviving a school year, i can't exactly say it was vastly successful. there are things i'd definitely fo differently, other people/groups i'd have liked to associate with, planning classes better and with care..BUT i'm not at all upset with what i did do, who i met, and a few of the things i learned. i'm basically sated for the time being.
yeah. there's too much going on and being worried about the upcoming year and planning potential super good times--i'm stressed beyond my age limit.

May 11, 2011

ways to manipulate giving "head"

it's may! oh man. thinking back on the things i was up to last year and vice versa..what an extreme turn of events. even the people i'm always with--totally, totally different, in a somewhat endearing approach, people. it's really weird when i think about it; what i'm doing and etc. i can't believe it, really, and i'm mostly terrified..probably without (any/good) reason.

i also feel like this has been neglected for an extended period of time. sorry. i mean, there definitely isn't a cult following for this blog, eh? no. i mean, what the hell are people gonna come on here to read? the random nostalgic shit i somehow remember after all these years? well..i do that, but only because there's a feasible relevance that induces me to laughter/tears/deep contemplation.bedsides, it's too creepy to think about all the people who about reading every little thing in here. anyway. it's so ..crazy. seeing and reading about my life back in the day. overall, very, very disappointing (except on my occasional overseas "excursions"). i'm theorizing things could be getting better..i must.

yeaaaaahh. so that's a brief and vague update on me life. relish it.
don't mind my chronic infatuation with british rock music. i can't even explain this resurgence--of '90s music no less! (and i really can't get enough of the smashing pumpkins' music videos. i would dig having me some angsty '90s teenage friends to go to house parties with.) gotta be lovin' that center-parted semi-long hair on guys. classic.