October 31, 2007

HO-HUM halloween

So much for the idea of a Halloween post. This year I haven't seen anything particularly scary in a botched hollywood film attempt, but there have been some people that just look so questionable (are they monsters? ghosts? serial killers? Oh, I shudder at the idea).

I've decided to dress up as well. On Halloween. I'm not about to go trick-or-treating; I'm channeling the days when I used to go and the prospect of receiving candy supposing that people know what the fuck I'm dressed up as. Ah yes, I have neglected thus far to mention who I'm decked out as: Han Solo!!
I don't think that I'm a "closet" Star Wars fan, as my cousin aptly put it, because I will ardently admit my unrequited admiration of the primary trilogy. The original three. Yeah.
I don't think any of the people who saw me knew who I was, besides the few that I decided to tell. How uneventful.

Halloween this year isn't great. I can't exactly say why, but it just feels as if something is missing or--I don't know. I've also got all this shit to do (ie: reading and essay typing. DROLL). I need me some Bruce Campbell.

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