October 2, 2007

Randomizing the Modernation of Translation

I guess life here has been fine so far. Not so much stress yet (maybe come Thursday it might start). It's been relatively fun. There are some [new] sounds that I am totally into right now:

PAVEMENT! like, holy fucking shit. I love the "spit on a stranger" song. As well as a plethora of other songs (shady lane, gold soundz, my old fave~cut your hair). It's a good hunk of amazing for me at the moment.

RAZORLIGHT! I'm just listening to them now. So, I was originally hooked to the "who needs love" and now this other stuff has got me. For cereal, I'm smitten.

ART-SCHOOL! OK, okay, I already loved them to bits (oh RIKI KINOSHITA!!), but there was a moment of rekindling love this week. I can't pinpoint where exactly, but GOD, I listened to that "chloe", "evil", "skirt", "sharin no shita" and I was all, "LOB".

Yeah. Rereading 'The Odyssey' for, like, the fourth or fifth time ain't so great. Yet I am entranced by the gore.

This post has been so compartmentalized. And look at all that wasted space.

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