October 13, 2007

& if there was Ever reason to believe otherwise...!!

Yeah. I have been reliving the nights of karaoke in the semi-slums of Usuki. Those were relatively great times and now it hasn't been that great. I am not significantly tipsy at all. I could really go for a bit of the whiskeys and the ume wine and the...regrettably warm light beer. Like...a lot of a bit. On the other hand, there was someone in the local area of this occurrence that apparently can't hold the liquor. AHEM-HEM. I guess that it takes a bit of time..I can't exactly recollect the first time I did it, but I took it all like a, um..."man", so to say, I guess. God. I fuckin' wish for the good times with Mac and Addy...that was the awesomest shit ever.

I wonder if she'll remember all the things tomorrow. There's this list--actually tangible evidence!!--of most of the weirdest quotes she's said and done. I can't wait...and I really wish that there were other cool people like the 'shroom and beast to hang avec...singing some queen (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, bitches!!11) and dancing.

I don't really feel like ending this right now so maybe I'll just mouth off some mores..I'm listen to Led Zepp and thinking of all the awesome things. Shit, it's crazy good right now. Which reminds me of Brock Samson. And I consequently think of Patrick Warburton and then family guy and then Seth MacFarland and then Robot Chicken and Star Wars. There's some nice linkage in there, I hope. Yeah, now I kinda feel like ending soon.

Oh shit. I forgot to mention the hot guy today!! He was coming out of the lecture hall where I have my one lecture and--just fucking amazing. He was sooooo ridiculously stunning. Then I lived through the rest of the day up until now. I didn't mean for this to be so long, but there are just some things that I kinda need to say before I explode. I've said most of what I want. HMMM. Here's some Syd Barrett. He was quite an awesome thing back in the day. This is a demi-tribute, I guess.

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