October 18, 2007

[if you ever fall in love, don't show it]

That title there is from Père Goriot. Balzac uses so much imagery to exemplify the realism that should be apparent in a novel. It's quite insane-like, yet also amusing when it's something humorous or pertaining to yourself. That's not relating to me at the moment, though.
Something quite strange today (other than realizing I had a creepy dream last night), most of the conversations I've had have pertained to something that's occurred in my life...to a degree. Or perhaps some issue that has surfaced at some point or another during my existence. I found that rather freaky.

Ok, so in my dream there were these truly strange umbrella plants that actually looked like fucking umbrellas that are open and laid on their sides. like that. I don't understand the environment that I was wallowing through.

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