October 9, 2007

Nearly nude and On fire

Now, I just happened to watch this on my computer this evening. I wasn't expecting anything specific, I at least hoped it wouldn't be like the 'magick' music video, and the beginning of 'golden skans' totally blew me into the nether regions of the universe. That was just so--at the time & in my case--awesomely surprising. I really thought they were naked until i watched (that specific) part over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again (In all actuality not that many times). After that it wasn't that great...kinda weird with the ribbons and them cutting into some tablet holding light. It was captivating, but not even nearly as good as that part in the beginning after "...there will be nothing...only light". That was truly, truly some good stuff.

shit days.

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BORN TO LOSE said...

heh, me and my friend would always make fun of that song.